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Rusty Frog Youth Theatre


with Ronan Mac Raois

Mondays 9 January to 3 April
6.00pm - 7.45pm

Fee: €90 for the term.


Rusty Frog is WCAC's Youth Theatre for teenagers. Led by new theatre facilitator Ronan Mac Raois in the new performance space, the youth theatre is all set to produce original, high-quality and exciting theatre in 2015/2016.
The programme includes:
*Weekly training workshops in acting, improvisation, stagecraft, voice, script work, street theatre, puppetry, physical theatre, clowning, dance, percussion, devising, writing, directing and technical skills.
*The Annual Theatre Production
*Theatre Trips
*Youth Theatre members also get to take part in the national Youth Theatre Festival across the country and get to audition for the National Youth Theatre Play, in the Abbey.

Youth Theatre is a unique blend of youth work with professional theatre approach - it builds confidence, creativity and communication skills. The YT programme focuses on the development and empowerment of it's members as well as developing their theatre skills. No experience is necessary, just commitment.


Rusty Frog Youth Theatre Production of DNA by Denis Kelly
Friday 28 and Saturday 29 April @ 8 pm
Sunday 30 April @ 3pm

Bookings on 02822090 or info@westcorkartscentre.com

A group of teenagers do something bad, really bad, then panic and cover the whole thing up. But when they find that their cover-up unites them and brings harmony to their once fractious lives, where is the incentive to put things right? 

DNA is written specifically for teenagers. A black comedy that lays bare the way that group-interest, peer pressure and an inability to really connect and empathise with others leads to a creeping corruption. 

The members will be taking on both cast and crew roles. And so far have had a hand not just in rehearsals but choosing the play, in fundraising, poster design, costume, props and set. It really is a team effort here. Members get to take responsibility over different areas of production. It is an approach that builds confidence and gives young people a voice.

Director quotes:
The play is great fun and darkly comic but also offers an important opportunity to discuss and learn from its themes. 

It’s a great play for teenagers because it naturally provokes intense discussion about right and wrong and our responsibility for each other. Yet at the same time the dialogue is fast, funny and sharp! It was great for us to find a play that doesn't patronise teenagers but really asks questions of them instead, allowing them to form real opinions. 

The core themes of self and group identity, bullying, and responsibility will allow the cast and audience to develop opinions about the consequences faced by the characters in this play. The youth theatre offers a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space in which to hold such conversations. 

The production process of guided workshops and rehearsals offer a unique opportunity for youth theatre members to explore the relevant teenage themes carefully and respectfully. We are looking forward to creating a wonderful, entertaining and thoughtful performance!

Rusty Frog Youth Theatre is for me, a place to express myself without judgement. Its an open and free place to take your mind off the outside world. Ive never regretted coming to a session. 
- Jemma Barret, YT membership Representative.

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