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Upcoming Residencies

Artists Residency Programme 2018

Tess Leak and Marie Brett (Ire)
25 June to 21 July 2018
Studio 1
Tess Leak and Marie Brett aim to collaboratively hold an artists residency at Uillinn to develop an evolving artwork and responsive project during the West Cork Literary Festival in 2018. The artists will install a version of their Museum of Miniature in Studio 1 and the Link Gallery and will invite writers connected to the Literary Festival to respond to one of the miniatures, with their writing then included in the museum. Written responses from visitors will also be added to the museum installation which will evolve during its showing. The museum will be open 2 days per week over 4 weeks with both/either Tess Leak or Marie Brett present to introduce visitors to the project and invite them to contribute a piece of writing.

Domestic Godless (Ire)
The Food, The Bad and The Ugly
Studio 1
30 July to 4 August 2018
The Domestic Godless (Stephen Brandes, Mick O'Shea and Irene Murphy) work with food (its taste, its presentation, its production and cultural values) as artistic material for irreverent experimentation.
At Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre, The Domestic Godless will be in residence from 30 July to 4 August 2018 linking to Skibbereen Arts Festival and to the current exhibition at Uillinn - Coming Home: Art and the Great Hunger. With the importance of local food, slow food and local food production and producers to the west Cork region, Domestic Godless and Uillinn aim to create a partnership to draw new audiences into the important interplay between food and art - both key ingredients to the success of West Cork.
The Food, The Bad and The Ugly will be further contextualised within the framework of the exhibition of contemporary and historical artworks from Ireland's Great Hunger Museum, USA. Indeed, Skibbereen's identification as 'ground zero' of the Great Irish Famine offers a context for contemporary explorations of current issues of famine and food security.
Initiated by Crawford Gallery of Art, The Food, The Bad and The Ugly is funded by the Arts Council's Touring and Dissemination of Work Scheme.

Seán Gallagher (USA)
11 August to 1 September 2018
Studio 1
For his residency at Uillinn, American artist and lecturer Seán Gallagher will create art, conduct workshops, and engage in talks at Uillinn. He will depict individuals in my extended family from Arderwinny in Cork, via drawing and painting, with background settings representing areas in West Cork where they currently live. The drawing workshops will be an opportunity for anyone in the community to depict another person at the workshop, preferably a relative, using contour drawing. He will also present an artist’s talk about his work and work practice and use his residency as a base to visit galleries and artists' studios in the area.

Image: Seán Gallagher, Ascent Begins Again

Maeve Bancroft (Ire)
10 September to 13 October 2018
Studio 1
For her residency at Uillinn, writer Maeve Bancroft aims to create new work, whether novel, short stories or poetry, in response to the exhibition Coming Home: Art and the Great Hunger which has such a strong connection to the time and location of the novel she is currently researching. She is interested in collaborating with other artists in residence at the time, to share ideas,generate ideas and to build upon each other's work. She will also deliver presentations/talks about her process and project, her methods of research and the challenges of writing historical fiction. 

Image: Maeve Bancroft, Louisburg

William Bock (UK)
4 September to 13 October 2018
Studio 2

Fran Woolf (Ire)
18 October to 11 December 2018
Studio 2
For her residency at Uillinn, Fran Woolf will investigate the commonality of experience, shared by marginalised people in rural Ireland and rural Scotland, to contextualise this experience, celebrate our forebears' existence and re-establishing historic links, through printmaking, photography and painting. She would hope to discuss the history, the work and what led to this enquiry, with groups at Uillinn in the form of artist’s talks while resident.

Image: Fran Woolf, Spectral petrol pump, manipulated digital photograph



West Cork Arts Centre Members and Friends Residency
16 October to 3 November 2018
Studio 1

Charlotte Donovan AiR Learning and Engagement
2 October 2018 to 5 February 2019
Studio 3

Nik Taylor (Ire)
6 November to 11 December 2018
Studio 1
The major focus of Nik Taylor's recent work is the Morley Hill project which channels his fascinations with the found object and chance encounters. The work’s origins are in science fiction themes and architectural folly; a cocktail of primitive technologies, space hardware and town planning.
Predominantly wooden constructions, it also encompasses drawing, painting, sound and collage. The sculptures are site specific and seldom last beyond the duration of their gallery exposure. Nik is driven by the desire to broaden my three-dimensional vocabulary, to realise a growing and varied range of wooden structures and re-explore the works further potential in two dimensions and audio visual media. 

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