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Young People

Youth Arts can be broadly defined as ‘young people taking part voluntarily in creative, cultural or expressive activity outside of the formal education process. It can encompass participation and appreciation, as well as engagement with arts work specifically created by, with, or for, young people', from Arts in Their Lives: A Policy on Young People and The Arts, National Youth Council of Ireland

WCAC believes that there is huge potential for young people to meaningfully engage in arts experiences, and for young people to develop and articulate themselves within their chosen art form. WCAC believes that the process of experiencing art and participating in the making of art should be based on the principles of autonomy, equality, empowerment, participation and experiential learning.

The arts have an enormous role to play in the lives of young people both as a means of expression of an autonomous and vibrant youth culture, and as opportunities for young people to communicate thoughts, feelings, ideas and emotions. The arts allow young people to develop a critical attitude towards society and to question and celebrate through making and participating. See the links below for more information.


Rusty Frog Youth Theatre

Dance for Young People

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