2008 Programme

Graham Crowley: Paintings 
12 Jan – 9 Feb 
A series of new and recent works by this West Cork-based artist.

Children’s Exhibition 
16 Feb – 8 March 
The exhibition will draw from the Classroom-based Primary Schools Programme (involving over 20 Primary schools in the West Cork region), based on a theme, developed by the Schools’ Co-ordinator Alison Trim and the teachers involved, from the exhibition Everywhere is Here by Arno Kramer.

Curating Degree Zero 
15 March – 19 April 
Curating Degree Zero Archive is an exhibition of material (catalogues, articles, videos, CD’s, images and web sites) in relation to the practice of over 90 international curators, artist curators, new-media curators and curatorial collaborations. The project was co-founded by curators Dorothee Richter and Barnaby Drabble and set out to present and discuss new curatorial ideas and experiments. Artist, educator and curator Mick Wilson organised the exhibition for West Cork Arts Centre. For further information see www.curatingdegreezero.organd www.gradcam.ie

Rhythm: Youth Event and Exhibition 
26 April – 10 May 
Workshops, performances and an exhibition of work by young people in schools and in youth groups in West Cork.

Andrew Vickery 
17 May – 21 June 
A series of paintings, photographed and made into a slide projection, based on a loose narrative, back-projected into a model theatre and accompanied by music.

West Cork Artists 2008 
27 June – 26 July 
A group exhibition by artists living and working in West Cork.

The Plinian Sponge, maybe? 
1 – 31 August 
A group exhibition of painting and DVD by artists who have previously shown in the Ashford Gallery, Dublin. The exhibition is about painting and the process of painting by young emerging artists. The artists involved are: 
Eoin O'Connor, Claire Kerr, Ross McDonnell, Anne Hendrick, Ann Quinn, Cara Thorpe, John Beattie, Colin Martin, Graham Chorlton, Graham Crowley, Jonathan Hunter, Laura Brennan, Kate Warner, Phillipa Sutherland, Leda Scully and Thomas Brezing. 
In association with the Ashford Gallery, RHA, Dublin.

Domestic Godless 
18 September 2008 
A commissioned project by artists Stephen Brandes, Mick O’Shea and Irene Murphy 
for the A Taste of West Cork Festival.

Selected Works from the University College Cork Collection. 
6 Sept – 18 October 
Selected from the University College Cork Collection by Justine Foster, Education and Community Co-ordinator and Alison Trim, Schools and Youth Co-ordinator to explore the theme ‘myself’, this exhibition will resource the Primary Schools Classroom-based project for 2008 / 2009. A series of talks, workshops and interactions will be programmed with the artists involved in the exhibition and with the teachers and their class groups. 
In collaboration with the Glucksman Gallery and UCC. An exhibition guide for general public and schools will be produced.

Diana Copperwhite 
25 Oct – 22 November 
Nominated by WCAC and winner of the AIB prize for Artists of Promise, this exhibition of new work will be accompanied by a publication and will travel to the Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda and Centre Cultural Irlandais, Paris.

Bodies of Water: Bernadette Burns, Majella O’Neill Collins, Patricia Hurl and Therry Rudin
29 Nov – 23 Dec 
Four artists based in Ireland have been collaborating on the development of an exhibition around the theme Bodies of Water, supporting this development through a series of brainstormings, studio visits, and artistic exchange. They have also extended this contact to four artists based in Spain whose own networking effort has been supported by the Galeria Safia. The result will be an exhibition of the Irish work in WCAC and then in Barcelona and the Spanish artists showing in Barcelona and then in Ireland in 2009. 
In association with Galeria Safia, Barcelona.

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