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An exhibition by Members and Friends of West Cork Arts Centre
Stairwell Gallery and Link Gallery
23 June – 16 September

West Cork is renowned for both the beauty of its landscape and the wealth of artists residing here. Many of those artists are part of our Membership and Friendship schemes here at Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre, and as such we are delighted to provide them with opportunities to exhibit their work.

This exhibition, curated by Members and Friends Liaison Alison Cronin, features artwork that explores the plant-life of Ireland. The West Cork landscape is a common subject for local artists, but for this exhibition we were seeking work that looked a little closer, to the plants and flowers that inhabit those landscapes and give them life. Including photographs, print, drawing, painting and mixed media from 30 different artists, the rich variety of work on show echoes the rich variety of plant life which inspired it. Grasses, garden flowers, woodland, weeds, ferns and mosses are all represented here. 

With work by: Nigel Connell Bass,  Kate Bean, Sonia Bidwell, Susan Cobley,  Linda Sebeo Cohu, Lily Corcoran, Alison Cronin, Jacinta Darragh, Judith Faunch, Michael Greenlaw, Claire Halliday, Eamonn A Harris, Anastasia O'Donoghue Healy, Maeve Hickey, Kathy Hurley, Ellés Innemee, Sally Kearney, Anne Kenefick, Laurence Leleu,  Jane O'Farrell, Maureen O'Connor,  Julia Penney, Maddi Precious, Reddy, Nikki Tait, Kate Toullis, Laura Wade, Richard Winfield, Helen Williams, Fran Woolf, and Julia Zagar.

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