Anne French & Julia Pallone

Anne Ffrench and Julia Pallone
10 May to 4 June

Studio open to the public on Mondays and Thursdays

Anne Ffrench and Julia Pallone are in their third residency at Uillinn.

They are working towards an exhibition in 2019. While their work is a not a collaboration, it does echo similar aesthetic sensibilities in how materials are used and how space is considered.

Julia Pallone’s work repeatedly questions the notion of how a particular space is inhabited. For this month long residency at Uillinn Julia will continue to work on her long term ongoing work The Sentinels, which investigates animals seen on the entrance pillars of gates at houses, bungalows and cottages in West Cork, explored through drawing, photography, sculpture or installation and relating to questions of the symbolic nature of gateways and totems.

Anne Ffrench’s work is strongly grounded by material enquiry; her practice is varied but is often performative in nature or has a ‘live’ element. Between residency 1 and 2 Anne became a mother. Over the last few months she has been gathering images, recording sounds, building a new visual repertoire questioning the representation of parenthood. For the purpose of this residency Anne will continue to explore the world of motherhood and ritual. Making, for Anne is a process of correspondence: juxtaposing materials to create a dialogue with each other.

Anne Ffrench was born in Wexford in 1980, she now lives and works from Ballinspittle, Co. Cork. She graduated with a Joint First Class Honours degree in Fine Art Sculpture and History of Art from NCAD in 2004 and received a First Class Honours MA in Art Therapy in 2010. Anne was awarded an Arts Council New Project Award in 2010 and 2012 and a Cork County Council Bursary Award 2013/2016. She was a co-founding member of ‘The Pigeon House Studios’ Kinsale, which was set up in 2010 to help house and support visual artists. Amongst many exhibitions Anne has shown work at The Sculpture Factory, Cork; VISUAL Carlow; The National Review of Live Art, Glasgow; Tulca, Galway; and the Fringe Festival, Dublin.

Julia Pallone is a visual artist working with a variety of media, ranging from drawing, photography and installations, through which she explores a poetic vision of the world. She comes from the Loire Valley, west of France and moved to Kinsale, Co. Cork more than 10 years ago. Julia graduated in 2002 with a MastersDegree from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Nantes, and also holds a Masters Degree in Italian studies from the University of Nantes, as well as a BA in French as a foreign Language from La Sorbonne in Paris. She is now a registered teacher with the Teaching Council and teaches Art in Further Education. She has exhibited extensively in European countries and has been awarded several art residencies and bursaries from Cork County Council and the Arts Council.

WCAC acknowledges the financial support of the Arts Council and Cork County Council in making these residencies possible.

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