art manoeuvres

art manoeuvres
03 July to 08 August 2017

Studio 3

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art manoeuvres is a new project by artists Sheelagh Broderick and Michael Holly.

art manoeuvres has been established as a response to the context for making art work in Ireland.

We position ourselves at the edge between art institutions and pressing social and political concerns. It is a key move in our artistic development finding potential for generative work in a formation that is ‘more than one’, adopting an artistic methodology of performative curating.

In 2017 art manoeuvers will be delivering two projects, the second of these projects; This Is Not My Dream, will take place in Uillinn, West Cork Arts Centre on Saturday 29 July, 2017, as part of the Skibbereen Arts Festival. The aim of their studio residency at Uillinn, West Cork Arts Centre is to develop the structure, players and audience for this event through a series of engagements, workshops and meetings.

Community engagement and creative interaction with a diverse range of members of the community is central to the ethos of art manoeuvres; the culturally and physically central location of a studio at Uillinn, West Cork Arts Centre is ideal to develop these engagements.

We engage with the West Cork public and arts community through a programme of meetings, volunteer recruitments, volunteer training, information sessions and workshops. This programme will serve to inform the public about the art manoeuvres happening on July 29th, and as a central hub for the community engagement that is vital to the development of the event. We will invite members of the wider West Cork community to participate in the preparations, from artists, actors and technical theatre practitioners, to civil agencies, public servants and community groups. art manoeuvres is committed to having the door of our studio open at all times, and to highlighting our activities through social media and print press.

Sheelagh Broderick holds a PhD from the Graduate School of Creative Arts & Media, Dublin Institute of Technology. Her practice develops through processes of social engagement using the vernacular materials, practices and spaces of everyday life. (

Michael Holly holds a MA in Visual Arts Practices from IADT, Dún Laoghaire, and works with various media including photography, video, installation and drawing in parafictional investigations into local and national identities. (

WCAC acknowledges the financial support of the Arts Council and Cork County Council in making these residencies possible.


Images thanks to Kevin O'Farrell Photographer

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