Attending Draw Mind Matters

In line with national COVID-19 guidance, there will be some restrictions on what we do and how we work together this term to prioritise everyone’s safety and wellbeing. This information is designed to keep you informed of the steps we are putting in place to ensure the safety of all our young people and leaders. We are really looking forward to welcoming back our fantastic members and working together this Autumn!

Advance registration is essential to help us manage class sizes, if you do not book, there will not be a space. You can text us on 0838278115, call us on 02822090 or email us on When registering please give staff the most up to date contact number for you and an alternate contact.

Once your place is confirmed you will need to

Parents/guardians of young people who have additional needs and might need help adapting to the new COVID procedures, can call the youth theatre directly for a chat.

Any young person who is in a higher risk category, is cocooning, or is living with someone who is cocooning, and is unable to return to ‘in-person’ activities at this stage, please do contact the Arts Centre directly to chat through some options.

We’re all looking forward to getting youth theatre activities back up and running again! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, concerns or feedback.

COVID-19 Procedures for Draw Mind Matters

To make the experience as engaging and enjoyable as always and most importantly safe, we have some instructions we need you to follow: 

Please complete your Declaration Form 3 days prior to the first session, and weekly before session after that. You cannot attend the Arts Centre if you or the people you live with are presenting with any COVID 19 symptoms. Anyone attending with symptoms will be sent home and not be allowed back for two weeks.
Bring a small bag with; cloth facemask, water. Young people can also bring their own small bottle of hand sanitiser for personal use.
Arrive 5 minutes before workshops. 
Please ensure you give the most up to date mobile contact number for track and trace.
Temperature check using a remote thermometer may take place before entering the building
Members will enter (and exit) the building in ‘pods’ of 6 or less.
Please use your face mask when entering and leaving the building. If you are exempt from using a face covering in secondary school, please advise youth theatre leaders through the Membership Form.

A one way system is in place for all visitors with hand sanitising gel provided at the entrance to each space. On entering the building sanitise hands and remain at a safe distance throughout using the one way system.

Parents/guardians are not permitted to enter the venue unannounced at any time during youth theatre activities. Parents/guardians should contact youth theatre leaders directly if they need to discuss an issue or if they need to pick-up at a different time.

The staff and facilitators have been trained in line with our updated H&S policy and are equipped with. The Staff at Uillinn will ensure all equipment such as tables, doors, handrails and toilets will be disinfected between each class.

All the above is subject to change depending on Government directives.

Dealing with a Suspected Case of COVID–19

•             Young people are asked not to attend activities if they have symptoms of COVID-19, should be self-isolating or are awaiting the result of a COVID-19 test.

•             If a young person becomes unwell during an activity or displays COVID–19 symptoms, they will be asked to wait in the venue’s isolation room while the leaders phone their emergency contacts. The COVID Safety Representative for the workshop will ensure the young person has a face covering and will support the young person while they are waiting, ensuring a safe distance is maintained.

•             If a leader becomes unwell during an activity or displays COVID–19 symptoms, they should wear a face covering, wait in the venue’s isolation room and arrange transport home. The other leader present should contact the Uillinn Operations Manager to report the incident and identify a replacement leader for the workshop. If supervision ratios cannot be maintained, then the workshop will be cancelled and parents / guardians contacted.

•             If a diagnosis of COVID–19 is confirmed for a young person or leader, the Arts Centre will assist with Contact Tracing as required.

Training for facilitators

•             All Uillinn staff and facilitators have been informed of essential hygiene and respiratory etiquette and physical distancing requirements through participation in an official COVID-19 Induction Session.

•             All leaders have completed a COVID–19 Declaration Form prior to returning to work

COVID–19 Safety Representative & Risk Assessment

Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre has appointed Stephen Canty as the COVID–19 Safety Representative to oversee the implementation of COVID–19 procedures at West Cork Arts Centre.

If Stephen Canty is not present in the workshop room or at the venue during an activity, then another Class leader or Staff Member will be assigned as a COVID–19 Safety Representative and will be responsible for implementing COVID–19 procedures during that activity.

Stephen Canty, Operations Manager has carried out a risk-assessment for all activities taking place at Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre

Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre is collecting this sensitive personal data for the purposes of maintaining safety within the youth theatre in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The legal basis for collecting this data is based on vital public health interests and maintaining occupational health and will be held securely in line with our retention policy.

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