Christina Todesco Kelly

Christina Todesco Kelly

Studio 3
2 July to 16 July & 10 August to 24 August

From when my son Oscar was born in 2000 I collected every shoe he wore until the age of 18. On this birthday I made a trail of his shoes, starting with the largest at the foot of his bedroom stairs - the 97 pairs stretched through three rooms and finally wound up with the first, tiniest pair of shoes he ever wore. At that stage I decided to make pen and ink drawings of every pair of shoes. Using the originals, I am planning to translate them through printmaking as well as embroidery. During my residency at Uillinn I would like to complete this body of drawings.

My early interest in art was encouraged by my father who took me to British and European art galleries and museums. Unfortunately, at 16, my mother pushed me into secretarial training which eventually took me to British Airways; I gravitated to Air Cabin Crew where I finally gained a much desired art education by visiting every major art museum possible in Europe, America, Africa, Australia and Far East.

In 2000 at the age of 41 I had my first child, moving to Ireland in 2003. In 2017 I undertook drawing classes at the RHA in Dublin, progressing to self-directed life drawing in 2018. I have been drawing ever since.

I am a right-handed person usually, however, since early 2018, whilst undertaking self-directed life drawing at the RHA, I started using my left hand.

Instagram @todescokelly

Image: Christina Todesco-Kelly,  Oscar’s shoes (Pen on Paper)

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