Crossing Fields

Crossing Fields
Five artists from Santiago, Chile: Catalina Bauer, Loreto Carmona, Consuelo Lewin, Melania Lynch and María Francisca Montes
18 July to 6 August
Studios 2 and 3
With support from the Embassy of Chile in Ireland

During their residency, the artists will create work in-situ based on research done in advance and the opportunity to explore the new context; touring the landscape, finding new materials and some cross-referencing between both cultures. Each of the participating artists has their own way of approaching the project but what it is central to this project is the willingness to open creative processes to new influences - whether they arise from the place visited, its culture and history, or from the interchange between colleagues or both. 

María Francisca Montes is a visual artist. Over the last 10 years her work in photography and video explores aerial vision and the flow of ‘bodies’ in the city. Francisca makes her 'overflights' on 1st May - International Labour Day, where she annually records and documents this event in different formats. Currently, the investigation starts from the notion of vahído or dizzyness, a term that allows her to link the diverse movements in the territory with the social and political events that are reflected in the landscape.

My proposal for Uillinn is to make a video graphic and photographic record of some of the trade and travel routes along the south coast and the Ilen River using sound mapping, aerial and other photography and conversations with residents of the area.

Melania Lynch is an artist from Chile who studied visual art in Santiago. From 2000 she made work with Caja Negra Artes Visuales (Chilean Contemporary Art Collective) until she moved to the Beara Peninsula in West Cork in 2010. In Ireland she developed the archetype of the Russian girl Vasalisa (from the Russion folktale Vasalisa and Baba Yaga) wrapped in the landscapes of the peninsula - a place that insists on reminding us that we are one with nature. In 2016 she went back to Chile and now lives and works in Isla Negra, a town by the sea close to Santiago. Melania has exhibited her work in Chile and internationally and has also managed multiple visual arts projects.

My proposal for this residency is to work with the concept of ‘the Ancestors’ using paint, found stones, drawing and text, referencing the idea of Moai – the standing stones of Easter Island, Chile and the stone circles in Ireland.

Catalina Bauer has developed her work through a variety of mediums and materials, specialising in various textile techniques such as weaving to make both large scale and very small pieces. Bauer's work is characterized by the transformation of ordinary materials into beautiful objects with a focus on process and time. Various large scale projects have required the participation of others, resulting in a participative practice where the group not only produces something together, but also explores the performative possibilities of their actions. Catalina Bauer currently lives and works in Santiago, and is one of the founders of Taller Bloc, an independent art space.

My proposal is to research some local craft techniques, especially basketry,  and how they are related with certain elements of the landscape. I aim to make a series of objects, which will be arranged in the gallery space. For this purpose, my plan is to invite a group of local people to work with me in a large scale installation.

Loreto Carmona lives and works in Santiago. She graduated with a degree in Plastic Arts from Finis Terrae University and a Masters in Media and Technologies  at the National University Institute of Art in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has exhibited in Chile and internationally and in 2018 participated in an artist's residency in Moscow.

For my residency at Uillinn, my intention is to investigate and collect local images and objects that speak of the history, ideologies, customs and aesthetics of the region and then edit, intervene and associate them with material taken from Chile, playing with association and contrast, differences and similarities, tensions and possible relationships and distance and its effect.

Consuelo Lewin graduated with a Bachelor of Arts at Catholic University in Santiago. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Chile and internationally. She has also participated in contemporary art fairs such as CHACO, Santiago de Chile, Scope in New York and Miami, ARTEBA, Buenos Aires and was awarded FONDART (Chilean Government support) on many occasions.

My proposal is to explore the local landscape through collecting objects, making paintings of these objects and then naming of these paintings of objects using fantasy names (invented by me or extracted from passages of literature) that allude to the notion of landscape from ideas of the abstraction and the fragment.


WCAC acknowledges the financial support of the Arts Council and Cork County Council in making these residencies possible

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