Curiosity Project


Curiosity Project will bring the exhibition off from the walls and into the hands of the child with playful interpretations, providing space to play, think, change and imagine.
‘Curiosity’ is a County Cork Culture Ireland supported project that invites children ages of 3 and 5 and their families, living in rural outreaches of West Cork to access our nationally recognised arts venue, for a cultural engagement with contemporary art and architecture, providing a formative experience that will reflect positively on their engagement with museums and galleries for life.
The project takes an experiential approach to including the child and their family that will echoes the principles set out in the Charter for Arts in Education, with particular emphasis on the creative process and quality engagement, ensuring artistic expressions are valued, self-esteem is enhanced, spontaneity and risk-taking are encouraged, and difference is celebrated. The methodology is based on the experience of, and learning from, our existing children’s programmes at WCAC including Discovery Box and Art Club.

The programme is delivered in five strands using key themes of drawn from the exhibition programme

  • Discovery Box with a series of imaginative sculptural objects that will engage the young audience in the concepts of the exhibition that they visit. Designed to use in the gallery and playschool, the objects will be the basis for storytelling, investigation through creative play.
  • Curious series of three workshops with an artist at community playschools, with real artwork by the artists, they will deliver an arts encounter that will be both making and looking to inspire curiosity and exploration into our surrounding environment to seek inspiration.
  • A workshop for parents, either in the playschool or at Uillinn, parents can join the artists for an evening workshop to learn new ideas for creating with their children
  • A Day out at Uillinn where: the whole playschool, leaders, children and their families take a bus to Skibbereen for a creative day at Uillinn taking part in three different exciting workshops on the themes inspired by the exhibition
    Curious Dance Moves exploring choreography, sound and movement
    Curiosity Club in the gallery encourages looking and voicing ideas
    Curious Art Making is a hands-on approach to exploring new ideas

An exhibition of artwork made by the children in the Uillinn Stairwell gallery the exhibition at Uillinn will bring the children from each of the groups together to see their work on display at a professional gallery.

The project this year will take place from February to June 2020 and Information on the project will be disseminated to community playgroups through Cork County Childcare (CCC).


Image above: Cruinniu na aÓg © Kevin O'Farrell 23-06-2018
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