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Uillinn Dance Season 2019

Uillinn Dance Season 2019

October/November/December 2019

Saturday 19 October – 12 noon, 3.00 pm and 6.00 pm

Presenting inSkin, premiere of new work created at Uillinn as part of Mairead Vaughan's year long residency with West Cork Arts Centre


Tickets available on Eventbrite  @ €8/6 concessions

inSkin: unfolding space and time

Thought creates time out of eternity

Perception creates space out of infinity

inSkin is now.....

inSkin is a live video, dance and art installation created for a gallery setting by an international group of artists. This work is conceived by dance artist Mairéad Vaughan (Ireland), in collaboration with visual artist Tomasz Madajczak (Poland), visual artist Helle Kvamme (Sweden) and dance artists Lilly Horgan and Charlie Dunne (UK).

inSkin weaves a resonant space of shedding skins, perceptual patterns, residual imprints and energetic impressions. Movement and stillness resolve into a zero point, revealing the translucent, empty, simplicity of Being here and now inSkin.

Image above inSkin by Tomasz Madajczak


Wednesday 30 October – 8.00 pm

Croi Glan Double Bill

Visible and Invisible / Too

Tickets available on Eventbrite @ €10/€8 concessions

Visible and Invisible, choreographed by John Scott for Croi Glan Co-Artistic Director, Linda Fearon and guest performer Rebecca Reilly is accompanied by a new music commission from composer Tom Lane, based on Latin plainchant. Rooted in the complementary physicalities and rapport of the two dancers, their impetus to move and then rest and then move again as they assist and support each other Visible and Invisible is a physical and aural narrative of travel, migration and change.

The second work in the Double Bill, Too, choreographed by Tara for herself and Linda explores the Me Too phenomena from a dancer's perspective, drawing both on the women’s personal experiences as dancers and wider reflections gathered from interviews with other female dancers. How are we treated as female dancers? What are our experiences? And how is difference navigated within this context?

Croí Glan is professional dance company based in Cork, co-founded in December 2006 by Rhona Coughlan and Tara Brandel to create performance with diverse bodies.


Friday 15 November – 8.00 pm

Double Bill Dark Matter and Dark Matters

Tickets available on Eventbrite at €10/€8 concessions

Mihaela Griveva and Cathy Walsh

Dark Matter by Miheala Griveva 14 mins

A solo performance that delves into the scientific conundrum that is Dark Matter. The only way to detect Dark Matter is to observe it indirectly. By looking at how the path of light is distorted the observer can map out how space bends and therefore how the matter is distributed. The work transforms and evolves as it's performed. Shaped by gravity, rotation and reaction to the impulses the performer attempts to bend space and time and illustrate what the essence of Dark Matter may be. “Dark matter is a mysterious substance composing most of the material universe, now widely thought to be some form of massive exotic particle. An intriguing alternative view is that dark matter is made of black holes formed during the first second of our universe's existence, known as primordial black holes.” NASA

Mihaela Griveva is a choreographer, teacher, dancer, entrepreneur and mentor. Based in Ireland she has extensively traveled through Europe and Asia studying with some of the most preeminent contemporary choreographers.

Image above: Dark Matter Photographer Richard Kavanagh

Dark Matters by Cathy Walsh 40 mins

The piece is an exploration of the layers of the known and unknown. That which is true in the world of physics, that is, the world we live in, is often unbelievable. Exploring the dimensions of space by creating a visual landscape and soundscape to move through, I take the audience on a journey of the senses through this 2, 3, 4 dimensional space. Notions of Real or Fake become destabilised in this forest of smoke and mirror. Dancing between the dark and the light, using silence and stillness to highlight their opposites, distorting the familiar, we will try to uncover what is hidden in plain sight.

As a freelance performer and choreographer Cathy has made her own works and has collaborated with and worked for many other artists such as Cecíle Bally, Kareth Schaffer, Tino Sehgal, Ruairi Donovan, Julie Kelleher, Anna Newell, and Kathleen Hermsdorf.


Friday 22 November – 7.00 pm

Moving Sensor

Entry by donation

Moving Sensor is a series of short Irish and International dance films, curated and introduced by Maireád Vaughan

•        Solo Portrait - Liz Roche (Ireland)

•        There is a Place - Katrina McPherson, Simon Fildes, Sang JiJia (UK/Tibet)

•        Frictions - Steven Briand (France)

•        Deep End Dance - Cois Céim (Ireland)

•        Driftlines: Flooded Memories - Rachel Sweeney (Ireland/UK)

•        Wing - Miranda Tufnell (UK)

•        falling pu(sh)kin - Katrin Neue (Germany/Ireland)

•        Story of One - Elena Gallotta (Ireland)

•        Eternal - Irish Modern Dance Theatre and 1ifilms"

Image above by Dara O Brien from film ‘Frozen' by Shakram Dance Company


Saturday 30 November – 3.00 pm

Young Dancers Showcase

Entry by donation

A short dance performance devised by students on the Young Dancers Programme at Uillinn. The programme now in its second year supports senior students from Alan Foley Academy of Dance to extend their choreographic and contemporary dance practice in a five week peer learning programme.



Friday 6 December – 7.00 pm

Breaking Pointe

Register for your free ticket here

A film documenting 25 Years of Cork City Ballet tells of the growth of the organisation and gives insight into the fearless tenacity of its director Alan Foley throughout the last quarter century.















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