Edgelands Exhibition
6 February to 12 March 2024, Stairwell Galleries

Uillinn Schools Programme 2023/2024

Kilcoe National School, Our Lady of Mercy National School, Dromore National School, Ardagh Boys School, Goleen National School

Edgeland Schools Project takes inspiration from the artwork and themes seen in the recent exhibition Speculative Artefacts by the artist Pascal Ungerer here at Uillinn. 

West Cork Primary Schools were invited to apply to participate in the programme which began with a tour of the Speculative exhibition followed by an art workshop.

Public Engagement Assistant, Petrina Shortt, visited each school and facilitated workshops to help the children develop and make their own artworks in response to the exhibition.

About Pascal Ungerer

Pascal Ungerer is an Irish visual artist originally from West Cork. He has a background in lens-based media and in recent years has focused on developing his painting practice. He is interested in looking at the in-between spaces that lie at the outskirts of towns; where industrial buildings meet the nature of the countryside. He is drawn to unusual structures in the landscape, as well as places that have hidden histories.

The Art Project: Developing Ideas

The children took inspiration from ideas discussed around the exhibition. Some of the themes we will touch on are:


Images: A piece from the exhibition by school children
Monolith by Pascal Ungerer
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