On: 07 Dec 2019 To: 07 Dec 2019

Cross-species Kinship project
Conversations with the Kelp and Friends
Saturday 7th December at 12 noon
No booking necessary

Screening short films about the intertidal zone followed by a Q & A on the future for Ireland’s kelp forest and what this means for us all.

Today many challenges and opportunities face our oceans. Ireland’s seaweed and kelp forests are recognised as vital for a healthy marine ecosystem and provides a carbon sink defence against global warming, but they are threatened by climate change. They also face challenges because the economy of kelp production could threaten their long-term health and even their survival. For people in West Cork these issues have particular relevance in Bantry Bay.

A residency in Uillinn, the Cross Species Kinship Project is investigating our responsibilities towards other species in the Anthropocene through the lens of the kelp forest. It is screening two short films that show the complex network of mutually dependent life forms within the intertidal zone. This will be followed by a Q & A session that focuses on the kelp. Conversations with the Kelp and Friends is a group conversation, with invited local stakeholders who have in-depth knowledge of the intertidal zone. The event will provide the opportunity to be part of a conversation about the importance of Ireland’s kelp forest and its future, to share ideas and opinions about initiatives which could affect its sustainability in the changing and challenging climatic and economic environment of the Anthropocene.

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