On: 07 Aug 2021 To: 14 Aug 2021

Graphic Scores with Hazel Cardew. For any drawing ability, no knowledge of music scoring needed (in fact, the less you know, the better!)
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Introduction to graphic scores: 7 August, 11.00 am (roughly 45 mins)
Take a walk in your own time, with instructions and drawing materials: 7 - 14 August
Concluding meet-up/sharing results: 14 Aug, 11.00 am (roughly 45 mins)
Graphic scores are an experimental way of depicting or recording sound, movement or even stories.
They can work as a guide, instruction or map for performers to respond to. They can also be a response or recording of a place or action. It is a wonderfully creative way to convey sensory experiences – through drawing, anything can be notated.

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