Helle Kvamme

Helle Kvamme
inSkin: unfolding space and time 
(in collaboration with Mairéad Vaughan)
9 to 20 October, 2019

Norwegian artist, Helle Kvamme has been invited to create a response to dance artist in residence Mairéad Vaughan’s new multidisciplinary work called ‘InSkin: unfolding space and time’.

‘inSkin: unfolding space and time’, is a live video, dance and art installation created by an international group of artists.

Thought creates time out of eternity

Perception creates space out of infinity

inSkin is now...

inSkin weaves a resonant space of shedding skins, perceptual patterns, residual imprints and energetic impressions. Movement and stillness resolve into a zero point, revealing the translucent, empty, simplicity of Being here and now inSkin.

This work is conceived by dance artist and choreographer Mairéad Vaughan (Ireland), in collaboration with international artists Tomasz Madajczak (Poland), Helle Kvamme (Norway) and dance artists Lily Horgan and Charlie Dunne (UK). Helle and Mairéad met in 2017 through a European interdisciplinary arts research collective called ‘Ankor’, developed by Maria Kerins.

Helle is a Norwegian artist based in Sweden. She graduated from Crawford College of Art and design 2004. She creates a dialogical space through photography; film, movement, found objects and organic materials. Fundamental to her practice is the creation of new platforms where artists can meet and dialogue can emerge. For several years, her place of research and point of departure has been a hazel forest in the east coast of Sweden, where she invites people to interact, work and engage. She has in recent years worked with cultural heritage sites in collaboration with archaeologists to question how we read time and findings that are of immaterial nature.


Image above: inSkin photograph by Tomasz Madajczak

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