Isolation 20
''The lockdown has of course been challenging in some ways but it has also opened up more opportunities to learn. I've been able to make music with people from all over the world who have been missing creating music together. Unfortunately, the joy of playing live in a room together has diminished with the current restrictions but the collaborative element has been great. I've been able to see people bring their music together in really interesting ways''. Justin Grounds 

In a project supported by Cork County Council/Creative Ireland Clonakilty based violinist and composer Justin Grounds proposes to work with 20 singers from across the county of Cork, inviting a diverse community of volunteers to respond to the COVID19 pandemic, practically, symbolically and creatively. 

Justin Grounds is a classically trained violinist whose recent projects include Last Dance, with dancer Inma Pavon and Embracing the Universe, a new oratorio performed by a special Community Choir and seven musicians at Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre this time last year, for Skibbereen Arts Festival. 

Isolation 20 will mark a moment in our history and celebrate the unique culture of our community with the composition and performance of new music.

Following a public call out in July, 20 volunteers came forward to participate in the project, 10 women and 10 men representing the rich diversity of  throughout the County of Cork. 

Following a series of conversations with the participants, discuss their experience of life in isolation with Justin. Justin will then respond to these encounters to create a new musical composition using lyrical themes with the participants.The music created will reflect the individual voices, producing a polyphonic texture and harmony that takes the choral music of the renaissance as a departure point.

Each participant will be tasked with taking a ‘selfie’ to record this moment in time. The collection of ‘Selfie’ images will form a visual feature as part of a sound installation at Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre in January/February 2021. The large scale print format portraits of the singers’ images will be placed around the walls of the gallery, each with a speaker below it. The gallery visitor controls their own experience of the music, electing to walk around the gallery hearing each singer in isolation or stand in the centre and hear the rich polyphonic harmony in surround sound.

Isolation 20 is supported by Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre and funded by Cork County Council through the Creative Ireland Programme - further information from and 



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