Land Walks Land Talks Land Marks

Land Walks Land Talks Land Marks  
William Bock
11 January to 29 February 2020

During his residency at Uillinn William will finalise a body of work for his upcoming solo exhibition at Uillinn in February 2020. Land Walks Land Talks Land Marks is an exhibition in three parts exploring the entangled narratives of migration, ecology and identity in West Cork. The exhibition encompasses visual art works, a public forum of talks/screenings/workshops and a series of sound walks produced by the artist in collaboration with asylum seekers and locals residents which is supported by West Cork Development Partnership, West Cork Arts Centre and Arts Council Ireland.

As Ireland’s climate and cultural landscape changes William investigates how the land can be a common space to share new stories of diversity, belonging and displacement.

Familiar plants in West Cork such as Montbretia, Fuschia and even the potato are migrants themselves from Africa and South America,  living memory of Ireland’s history of emmigration, colonialisation. William is interested in how these entangled relationships between human, plant and animal and their journeys across the globe might challenge notions of what or who is insider/outsider in this landscape.

In the studio William will assemble found / crafted objects, sound recordings and plants collected by the artist during walks and meetings with people around West Cork from the local environment. This material will be installed in a way that maps these experiences as a physical landscape within the gallery space. Visitors are welcome to meet the artist during this time.

More information about William’s residency and exhibition will be available on

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WCAC acknowledges the financial support of the Arts Council and Cork County Council in making these residencies possible.

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