Pascal Ungerer

Pascal Ungerer 2023
3 January to 25 February 2023
Studio 3
Studio open to the public on Tuesday the 21st and Wednesday the 22nd of February. 

For his third residency at Uillinn, Pascal Ungerer aims to develop the work he began during his initial residency at Uillinn in 2020, working on a larger scale, and to conclude this body of work in advance of his solo exhibition at Uillinn in September/October 2023.

Much of the painting work Pascal has developed over the past 3 years looks at liminal landscapes on the ‘edgelands’ and the margins of human habitation. His work often examines the in-between spaces that lie at the intersection of the urban and rural.

He has a particular interest in obsolete structures on the margins of urban development and in rural hinterlands, from historical ruins to decommissioned industrial infrastructure, which he sees as a kind of  'architecture of the periphery’ because of its marginality, otherness and obsolescence.

Pascal says most of his paintings are ‘fictional landscapes where I amalgamate different places and ideas into a metaphorical space to reflect upon wider socio-geographic issues such as areas of post-industrialisation, ecological degradation, rural de-population or topographies or environments that are in states of flux.’ 

Though his work is not necessarily dystopian it alludes to an uncertain future and challenge’s normative perceptions of the natural and built environment and the interrelationship and juxtaposition between these two contrasting and sometimes conflicting spaces.

Pascal will share his work through an Artist's Talk and Open Studio as well as facilitating a Masterclass to present some of the techniques he uses in his painting practice.

For an interview with Marc O'Sullivan for the Irish Examiner see:


Pascal Ungerer 2021
Studio 2
29 October to 18 December 2021
Open Studio 16 December

Pascal Ungerer is a visual artist originally from West Cork. He is currently undertaking his second residency at the Uillinn, following up from his initial residency in early 2020. Through his work Pascal explores peripheral landscapes on the margins or urban development and in rural hinterlands. His work also focuses on empty, liminal landscapes and in between spaces or ‘edgelands’ in between town and country.

During Pascal's first residency at the Uillinn he spent much of his time researching ideas and trying out new painting methodologies many of which were inspired by these unusual landscapes and his connection to West Cork. In his current residency he is now starting to formulate this research into some new and exciting large scale paintings in a body of work that brings together his interests in peripherality, dereliction, and otherness into these pensive and empty landscapes.

Pascal is drawn to unusual structures and topographies as well as places that have storied, hidden or layered histories. He is interested in peoples connection to place and land, something he feels has become more accentuated during the Covid lockdown when he first started his work at the Uillinn. He is also interested in the wider perception of the natural and built environment and the interrelationship between these two contrasting spaces, something he hopes to further explore whilst at the Uillinn.

Wednesday 15th of December at 18:30 duration 1.5 hours
Booking essential on 02822090 or
6 Places only at €15 per person

Pascal Ungerer who is currently on residence in Studio 2 will run a painting workshop at Uillinn West Cork Art Centre where he will discuss his painting practice and the methods he uses in his oil painting work. This workshop will cover different techniques used in oil painting including, sketching or drawing out a subject/landscape on a canvas in preparation for painting, priming a canvas, mixing colours, using mediums, layering, and varnishing.

Pascal Ungerer 2020
4 March to 27 March (in Studio at Uillinn), 28 March to 28 June (at home) and 29 June to 28 August (in Studio at Uillinn) 2020
Studio open to the public on Thursdays and Fridays.

Pascal Ungerer is a visual artist originally from West Cork. In 2019 he relocated to Ireland having spent 3 years in London where he completed a fully funded MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths University.
In 2020 he was the Cork County Council and Uillinn West Cork Art Centre artists-in-residence at Uillinn. His residency spanned the entire lockdown in West Cork during the Covid 19 Pandemic, something that was quiet prescient in the context of his practice.
His work is primarily concerned with spatial cultures in relation to peripherality, social history and geo-politics with an emphasis on place and the built environment. He has a particular interest in obsolete structures on the margins of urban development or in rural hinterlands, as well as areas of post-industrialisation, contested border regions, areas of ecological degradation and rural depopulation.
Through his work he examines the in-between spaces that lie at the intersection of the urban and rural. This liminal and interstitial terrain has become the focal point for much of his recent painting. Central to this is an interest in post-industrial topographies and places that are devoid of people that exist in a temporal and finite state of impermanence.
In his painting and lens based work he often constructs fictional landscapes that form an intersection between time, narrative and place, and uses them as a means of recontextualizing many of these topographies into a kind of ethereal dreamscape of obsolescence. The marginal landscapes in his work act as a metaphorical space to address socio-political, historical and ecological concerns.

Tuesday 31 March 2020 │ 1.30 pm

Pascal Ungerer presents Marginal Habitats, a discussion on his work and art practice in the context of the exhibitions Land Walks Land Talks Land Marks by William Bock and Committed to Falling by Gabhann Dunne.

Due to the closure of Uillinn on 12 March 2020 due to COVID-19 Pascal pre-recorded his presentation. See video below. 

Pascal Ungerer graduated with an MFA in Fine Art from the prestigious Goldsmiths University London in 2018. He has exhibited and screened his work throughout Europe, most recently at Roman Road Gallery London, LOOP Festival Barcelona, Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery and the CICA Museum Korea in 2019. He has been shortlisted for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries, The Solo Award and the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize. He is the recipient of the Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre / Cork County Council Residency Award 2020.

Pascal Ungerer is in receipt of a Cork City Council Artist Bursary Award towards making new work and developing his practice over the next twelve months.

Images: Earthbound' 2022, oil on canvas, 160 x 120 cm
Foreshadowed 2020
Ventured Capital, 2020.

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