Seiko Hayase

Seiko Hayase - St. Patrick's Day 2022
1 March to 26 March


Seiko Hayase - Cork County Council/Uillinn Artist in Residence Award 2021
11 September to 12 October 2021 

Ordinary and extraordinary, pain and happiness, light and shadow, life and death. I feel that at any time there are two conflicting beings in the world, and there is a “World In-Between” the two.

While at Uillinn, Seiko will investigate our mental health in the context of society and culture. ‘Your Words’ is specifically developed to engage our community in a dialogue about our mental health and is part of  Seiko’s "Not Your Fault" series of works.

PDF for more about the Not Your Fault series. 

PDF for more about Your Words

Using drawing and film, inspired by Japanese Omikuji, Seiko seeks to discover, ‘The word is sometimes strongly making you struggle. Can't see it, can't hear it, but it’s there in your heart. Everyone has these words. Me also.’ 

“Your Word” is a practical response to our current circumstances and is intended to raise awareness about mental health importance in Ireland or internationally with a public event on 10 October as part of World Mental Health Day.

Born in Shiga, Japan. Seiko Hayase is a Japanese artist based in Mallow, Co. Cork. Seiko works with Painting, Sculpture, Mixed media, Installation, Video work, developing her practice, not bound to specific materials. She lived in Marseille, France after she graduated from Nagoya University of Arts. In 2018 she moved to Cork, Ireland.

Seiko currently works from Sample Studio (Cork), and also National Sculpture Factory from May-September 2021. She has been selected by CAHOOTS - The Space Between and Solo exhibition at Ballina Arts Centre, Mayo, 2023.

This Residency is supported by Cork County Council and Uillinn Residency Award 2021


Images: Your Words, project draft drawings
Video: Not Your Fault 2020/2021 - Work in progress
Video: Creepy Parade, 16 October 2021 





WCAC acknowledges the financial support of the Arts Council and Cork County Council in making these residencies possible. 

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