Sophie Gough

Sophie Gough
8 June to 8 August 2017

Studio 1
Studio open to the public on Wednesdays and Thursdays

Sophie Gough is interested in the contemporary issue of the blurred distinction between the organic and inorganic, particularly within landscapes, through the juxtaposition and representation of familiar materials. Her practice focuses on the fusion of two familiar materials, specifically concrete and plastic. She is interested in disrupting the relationships that we have with them, through their re-presentation as art objects.

Over this 8 week residency, Sophie hopes to engage in an in-depth investigation into material exploration carried out both in her studio at Uillinn and through on-site experimentation and research in and around west Cork, by adopting a very exploratory approach to learn both from the land and the locals.

I would love to open up a dialogue with other west Cork-based artists and national and international artists alike, and engage in conversations surrounding notions associated with site specificity of work and the significance of studio locations and residencies. Such conversations will then coincide with inquiries that I hope to undertake through an engagement with the local community through various communicative forms, and through research excursions ranging from an exploration of the surreal environment of Lough Hyne to a visit to Prenco, a locally based metal milling factory. Each inquiry will serve as a crucial strand of research to guide the progression of my sculptural practice.

This will be followed on Thursday 3 August at 2.30pm by a Panel Discussion open to all, where I would like individuals to engage in conversation speaking about the importance of experience as well as the creation of work within various art forms (visual art, literature, music, cinema etc) considering aspects of site specificity, location and language. An exhibition of my work created while on residency at Uillinn will run simultaneously with this event.

Finally, I intend to use this body of research as a direct source of material for my reflective forum piece as part of the publication Collateral Judgement (W.T.) which is an inter-process examination of artist methodologies and perspectives in contemporary practice.

Sophie Gough has just completed a three month residency at the National Sculpture Factory, Cork. Since graduating from Limerick School of Art and Design with a first class honours BA in Sculpture and Combined Media last June, she has exhibited in group shows with TACTIC, Cork and the 126 Gallery, Galway and only recently, opened her first solo show in April with TACTIC. She has also completed a 4 month residency with Sample Studios, Cork previous to the National Sculpture Factory, both of which were awarded to her following her degree show work Scáth, 2016.

Presently, Sophie Gough lives and works in Cork city. In August, after completing her residency at Uillinn, she will exhibit in Berlin as part of the group show Transitions, curated by Sheena Malone.

WCAC acknowledges the financial support of the Arts Council and Cork County Council in making these residencies possible.

Images thanks to Kevin O'Farrell Photographer

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