Tomas Penc

Tomas Penc 

End User
5 June - 31 August 2018
Studio open to the public on Friday and Saturday. Please email me at to arrange an appointment at other times.

The work undertaken during this residency is in preparation for a solo exhibition titled End User planned for October 2018 in the Triskel Arts Centre, Cork. The research includes developing audio/visual content with computer generated imagery, motion triggered sound-sculptures and analogue photography of places of interest related to the stories of the Great Hunger in the Skibbereen area. More at

Saturday 23 June | Cruinniú na nÓg  - Umbra (interactive Installation)

Umbra is a motion triggered interactive projection that will be active during Cruinniú na nÓg at Uillinn. It responds to the theme "Connecting the World" which implies human interaction and relationship with our environment, each other and us internally as individuals. The installation is part of a long-term investigation into the impact of technology and science in today’s world.

Thursday 2 August | 1.30pm | PRESENT.MAKES.FUTURE
Artist's talk for Skibbereen Arts Festival

Open discussion on technology, science and contemporary mind-set around its use. Join the discourse on possible implications of technology on our future.

Our rapid adoption of technological devices and applications into every aspect of our daily lives means that vast amounts of our personal data, daily movements, habits and intellectual information are being silently collected and used in the development of a range of technologies. The impacts, and potential future impacts, of these technologies are largely unpredictable and difficult to measure.

Saturday 25 August | 12.00 noon | Grave Matter
Artist's talk for National Heritage Week

Illustrated talk on this residency project which researches local stories related to the Great Hunger in Skibbereen and photographing locations of interest in the area to document and record them for post-production in 3D animation.


Tomas Penc’s artwork draws from psychology and symbolism used in advertising industry, visual art references, and popular culture signifiers and the ways that they determine meaning and frame of perception in the current world. It is concerned with the unresolved relationship we have with the present day technology as the “new reality” through which this perceived world is operated, both in abstract and material terms. The approach to the work is open-ended and idea driven, the resulting artwork is usually project based and often site-specific. The long-term aim of the research is to include the audience in the so called “participation mystique”, incorporating kinetic sculpture elements, sound, interactive installation and 3D animation/projection.


WCAC acknowledges the financial support of the Arts Council and Cork County Council in making these residencies possible.


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