Uillinn Dance Season 2022


28 October - 9 November 2022

Curated by Uillinn Dance Artist in Residence for West Cork Luke Murphy, Uillinn Dance Season offers audiences and performers an opportunity to experience and take part in a vibrant array of live performances, film screenings & discussions in a unique location.

Uillinn Dance Season is part of West Cork Arts Centre’s growing and ambitious contemporary dance programme which presents opportunities for dance research, classes and workshops, professional development, performance and project work with communities both onsite and off.

Recognising the challenges facing the development of dance in regional areas, we are working with a dance curator and artists to seek new and innovative ways of creating and presenting ambitious work, unique to our location.

You can view and download the programme pdf here.

Bád Shiobhán - PERFORMANCE
Siobhán Ní Dhuinnín
Friday 28 October, 8.00pm 
Tickets €15/12
Booking online via Eventbrite here: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/bad-shiobhan-uillinn-dance-season-2022-tickets-415843116957

A tender, joyful, subtle and sometimes pragmatic unfolding of a relationship between daughter, father and a lifetime of boat-building and rowing.


Mufutau Yusuf
Sunday 30 October, 8.00pm 
Tickets €15/12 
Booking online via Eventbrite here: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/owe-uillinn-dance-season-2022-tickets-414623739767

A physical and emotional piece that blends different mediums and invites the audience to witness a journey of becoming.



Irish Modern Dance Theatre
Wednesday 2 November 2022, 8:00pm
Tickets €15/12 
Booking online via Eventbrite here: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/cloud-study-uillinn-dance-season-2022-tickets-415845855147

Cloud Study is part dance, part dream, part theatre, part athletics. Two compelling dancers attempt to run 1,000 kilometres in circles and lines through the space, chasing dreams, memories, and home.



merry.go.round - PERFORMANCE
Flora Fauna Project 
Friday 4 November, 8:00pm
Tickets €15
Booking online via Eventbrite here: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/merrygoround-uillinn-dance-season-2022-tickets-415887890877

A mesmerising, emotionally stirring show. A stylised, visually poetic experience. Merry.Go.Round is both dance and theater, movement and poetry.



For As Long As We Are Here - PERFORMANCE
Squarehead Productions
Saturday 5 November, 12:00 noon to 4:00pm
Free entry - no booking required

Three professional circus artists perform endurances of single circus actions over several hours in a gallery setting. 



Written on Skin - FILM 
Dance Film by Luke Murphy (Attic Projects)
First screening 28 October, 7pm at the launch of UDS22
Film is presented on loop in Gallery II from 29 October to 5 November, 10:00am to 4.30pm
The work will also be available to view online during Uillinn Dance Season. 
Free - no booking required.

A collaboration between Luke Murphy and filmmaker Pato Cassinoni exploring the work of King's College's Renaissance Skin Project.



Armour Off! - FILM
Dance Film by Linda Fearon, Croí Glan Integrated Dance Company
First screening 28 October, 7:30pm at the launch of UDS22
Film is presented on loop in Gallery II from 29 October to 5 November, 10:00am to 4.30pm
Free entry - no booking required

A deeply personal and insightful exploration of Linda’s own experiences of navigating the world. 



Up Close - SCHOOLS 
Monica Muñoz Dance
7 November, 8 November & 9 November
Performance, Q&A, Workshop
For primary schools

A dance performance about friendship, trust and building resilience together. A highly physical dance show blending contemporary and street dance styles, peppered with humour.



with Luke Murphy
Monday 31 October, 11am - ONLINE
Duration 30 mins followed by 10-15 mins Q&A
Free - booking online via Eventbrite only here: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/far-away-hills-a-discussion-uillinn-dance-season-2022-tickets-415890899877

A discussion on Audiences, Artists and Experiences in non-urban and non-traditional venues. Dance Artist in Residence Luke Murphy invites audiences to a discussion on the central questions and explorations of the 2022 Uillinn Dance Season.

Following curiosities around presenting work in non-traditional or non-theatre spaces, presenting work in rural areas, developing audiences and pursuing a diverse programming opportunities for artists and audiences alike, Luke will trace and reflect on what challenges and opportunities have presented themselves over the past two seasons, aims and ambitions moving forward and how to think long term about a more diverse landscape of performing opportunities throughout the country. 


Live in the Moment - WORKSHOP
with Siobhán Ni Dhuinnin
Saturday 29 October, 11:00am to 12:30pm
Booking fee €10
Booking online only here: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/live-in-the-moment-workshop-uillinn-dance-season-2022-tickets-415900789457

This workshop invites you to awaken your body through a series of guided exercises to generate heat and connect to the other movers in the room. 

Shifting between moving in groups and individually there will be space to find your solo dance in a shared environment and through improvisation find a dialogue between consciously following your curiosities and letting the dance happen.

West Cork Arts Centre · Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre Podcast: Dance Season 2022 with Luke Murphy and Maria Nilsson Waller


A word from the event Curator, Luke Murphy

Following the success and excitement of the 2021 Season, I'm thrilled to play a small part in introducing the work of some of Ireland's most diligent, exciting and ambitious dance artists to the Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre. Throughout 2022, I've been ruminating on the questions around audiences and place, how does work sit in a new context, what changes for an artist and their work when taking it to different environments and how do you diversify both the presentation opportunities for artists and the collection of works audiences have the opportunity to see? These questions will be further explored in an online discussion during the season and will hopefully feel present throughout the wide array of events. The season includes a long overdue return of John Scott's Irish Modern Dance Theatre after nearly ten years, and Uillinn debuts for Cork based Siobhan Ni Dhuinnin, Swedish/Irish based artist Maria Nillson Waller and the first evening length work by the exceptional Irish and International performer Mufutau Yusuf

Booking is essential for performances through eventbrite. Free entry to film screening & exhibition event in galleries.
Individual tickets front row €15 back row €12. UDS22 season ticket €50 (4 performances front row) Book your season ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/season-ticket-uillinn-dance-season-2022-tickets-417834423007
All events are live and indoors and are subject to government restrictions at the time.

Uillinn Dance Season is brought to you in partnership with Cork County Council and with generous support from the Arts Council / An Chomhairle Ealaíon.

We extend our gratitude to our Curator and Dance Artist in Residence, Luke Murphy, the artists, arts workers, funders and everybody involved in bringing you this live and exciting programme.


The Contemporary Dance Programme at Uillinn is in partnership with Cork County Council and supported by the Arts Council / An Chomhairle Ealaíon.

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