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Older People

Programme for Older People

WCAC believes that, regardless of our age, it our right to participate in the artistic and cultural life of our country in whatever way we may choose. The form of participation will be different for each individual. For some, it will be an opportunity to engage directly with an art form: to learn techniques, explore ideas and create new work. For others, it will be an opportunity to engage with the work of others: to watch, listen, enjoy and be challenged by new perspectives and modes of expression. For some the honing of artistic skills and the satisfaction that derives from finished work will be the most important elements of the experience, while for others, it will be the personal journey undertaken during the creative process, with no product at all.

Whatever mode of participation is chosen, the arts experience on offer should be meaningful and of highest possible quality.

WCAC believes that we can all benefit from the greater inclusion of older voices and perspectives in the arts, and that the benefits for participants include personal fulfilment, the creation of meaning, an opportunity for life-long learning, social linkages, celebration, communication, dignity and self-esteem, empowerment and maintaining and improving health.

For further information on programmes with Day Care Centres and Community Hospitals please see Here

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