We present creative engagement opportunities that increase arts participation and make accessible, critical cultural experiences for our rural community.
We work with many local partner agencies across the county to reach the wide geographical span and diversity of our community. We aim to be both inclusive and accessible and working with our partners on ensuring inclusivity, is integral to our programming.
Join Skibbereen Community Choir for a weekly social, musical, choral experience.

Each year we work with commissioned artists, Skibbereen Chamber of Commerce and a local business to create an entry to the Skibbereen St. Patrick's Day parade. In 2019 we worked with artist Ana Ospina and fashion designer Alice Halliday along with local business Spearline to create The Great Uillinn Circus Project. In 2020 working again with Ana Ospina, Alice Halliday and Micheal Stephens, our partners are Field's SuperValu Skibbereen for the creation of Fairy-tale and Folklore. Find out more about the project here.

QQI 3 World Art and Design. 
with course tutor Toma McCullim
Beginning on Tuesday 18 February. 
Booking through CETB. Contact 02840297 or

This course is especially geared towards English as a second language learners and is Free for unemployed. Come together and learn about the art of the world, have fun, and make new friends. Everyone is welcome!
This class introduces World Art and Visual Culture. It explores the materials and techniques that artists use around the world to express meaning and ideas. 
We will be finding out how different peoples and religions represent the world around us. We will experiment with making art inspired by our shared learning and we will be working together to develop confidence in expressing ourselves in the group. 
Toma McCullim holds an Honors Degree in World Art from the University Of East Anglia, and a Masters in Art Process from Crawford College of Art Cork.




Image: The Great Uillinn Circus Project, 2019, project for St Patrick's Day Parade led by Ana Ospina and Alice Halliday. 
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