Alan Foley Academy of Dance

Alan Foley's Academy of Dance

TERM 1: 7 September 2024 to 11 January 2025 (excluding 26 Oct, 21 Dec, 28 Dec & 4 Jan) 

TERM 2: 18 January 2025 to 24 May 2025 (exluding 15 Feb, 19 & 26 Apr) (rehearsal on 25 May and performance on 31 May)  - 32 sessions in total for both terms

Dance Offering 2025 on Sunday 31 May Opera House, Cork (rehearsal in Clonakilty, Saturday 25 May)


Pre-primary (3-4) - 10:30 to 11:00. €150 per term
Primary Ballet/Modern (4-6) - 11:00 to 11:45. €200 per term
Junior Ballet/Modern (7-10) - 11:45 to 12:45. €230 per term
Senior Ballet (11 upwards) - 1:15 to 2:30. €260 per term
Senior Jazz (11 upwards) - 2:30 to 3:30. €260 per term
Two hour class €350 per term and two and 1/4 hour class €380 per term

Founded in 1991, the Alan Foley Academy of Dance has branches in Skibbereen, Bantry, Clonakilty and Carrigaline. Under the direction of Alan Foley, the School offers a complete range of classes for young children and teens who wish to pursue recreational dance instruction in a supportive and encouraging setting.

About Alan Foley Academy of Dance at Uillinn

Alan Foley’s Academy of Dance (AFAD) promotes dance as a vibrant and enjoyable art form through classes, workshops and performances in ballet, jazz and modern dance for 3 to 18 year olds. AFAD is part of Cork City Ballet (CCB) which embraces a policy of engaging dancers from international companies as well as Ireland's finest classical and contemporary dancers, to perform to audiences all over Ireland.

The Company has worked in partnership with WCAC for over 31 years, developing programmes for children which offer continuous academic development and engagement with professional dancers. Annual performances, featuring professional dancers in The Everyman in Cork are an integral part of the programme.

Suitable dance wear will be needed and Academy uniforms can be purchased online at danceworld or in Cork city, although these are not essential for new enrolments.

Pre Primary Ballet
Junior Ballet is the perfect stepping stone into the world of dance. Each week through a different story the class will bring ballet basics to life. Participants will enjoy walking on their toes around a magic castle, catching butterflies in an enchanted garden, pointing their feet at a snapping crocodile and jumping in icy puddles. This session places emphasis on creativity, musicality and enjoying the learning process.

Primary / Junior Ballet
In each session the participants will practice exercises from a syllabus that is designed to build on the foundations of formal dance training and basic technique. Emphasis is bases on a balance of activities that will make learning enjoyable. The sessions will inspire children from beginning to end as the exercises were developed to engage children. From sailing in a boat to rocking a doll, bouncing a ball and reaching for the stars. We aim to make the fundamentals the building blocks of fun

Grade 2 / Grade 4 / Senior Ballet
In these sessions we teach ballet in a more formal manner. Each session begins with exercises practiced at the barre. The class moves to the centre where we practice exercises designed to improve balance, strength and coordination. The sessions progress to movements such as turns, pirouettes and faster jumps and leaps before finishing with a cool down and some stretching. Senior students will also practice pointe work.

Dance Performance
The purpose of this class is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to perform dance sequences in a mixture of genres and styles, using technical dance skills as part of a group.

Modern Dance
Modern dance is also known as Modern Theatre Dance and is the type of dancing seen in musicals such as Chicago, The Lion King and Fame as well as numerous pop videos. These sessions are perfect for energetic children who enjoy moving, stretching, jumping and interacting with other children while enhancing an appreciation for music.

Jazz Dance
Jazz/Modern is a fast paced energetic dance. A typical jazz session will involve a warm up then moves on to learning separate moves such as turns, jumps and leaps that travel across the studio. A short routine is taught in stages to pop, hip hop and rock music finishing with some stretching and a cool down.



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