David Seeger

David Seeger: 80 Moving Still
4 November to 12 December 2017 
On the occasion of his 80th birthday, Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre presents a survey exhibition of work by David Seeger, a pioneer in contemporary ceramic art. The exhibition was opened by Dr. Kevin Atherton on Friday 3 November at 7.00pm. David Seeger presented an Artist's Talk in the Gallery on Saturday 11 November at 12 noon
David Seeger is a master craftsman and a student of philosophy, Jungian psychology, and theories about the creative process. His sculpture highlights the ambiguity and interchangability between surface and volume, and often stimulates the tactile sense, alongside the visual senses of colour, shape and form. As a counterpoint to the methodical practice of ceramics, he also works in oil paint, drawing and other direct media. Latterly, in both his ceramics and paintings, he seeks to express his fascination with the implications of the "New Physics" - specifically quantum theory, where the certainty of the "uncertainty principle" prevails. 
Over the years, in parallel with his personal ceramic practice, he taught at the Leeds College of Art /Leeds Polytechnic, was occasional visitor to The Royal College of Art, London and participated in several innovative crafts projects. His works have been exhibited widely throughout the UK and Europe, and are represented in numerous public and private collections.  
Since 1990, he has lived and worked in West Cork. Since moving to the region, David has developed an intense interest in the natural world and an emotional connection to West Cork. the colours of the landscape, the sea and the sky are all visible in his work, he continues to experiment and play with colour and a new palette has emerged. His hand-thrown white stoneware pieces are decorated with a variety of unique glazes devised and concocted in his studio and often re-fired with precious metal lustres.  
His ceramics continue to demonstrate his fascination with the imaginative, both in the choice of subject matter and use of materials and colour. His one-off ceramic pieces are admired for their rich colours and exciting imagery. For many years he has explored the interplay of surface and illusion that can be created by using reflective mirror lustres, transparent high gloss or opaque silk smooth areas of colour. As a sculptural form he often uses a curving clay strip, where front and back, inside and out are no longer easily determined. 
Many of his ceramic forms could be described as three dimensional paintings and an enthusiastic response to the landscape but it is his use of colour, ultimately that attracts and captures the attention. David's interest in the patterns of nature has led him to explore geometry and illusion, creating trompe d'oeil designs and playful images which appear in his sculptural and functional work. Although his roots are unequivocally Bradford and his background in the modern art movement, David's work has been hugely influenced by living in West Cork where he has created an impressive body of work. 

Top image: David Seeger, Mobius Teapot, 1975
Below: David Seeger, Twirling the edge and touching the void, 2015




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