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Wendy Dison: The Sound of Ravens

(3 November to 11 December)
A solo exhibition of painting, drawing and sculpture by Wendy Dison. 'Ravens are a permanent presence around our house. When I walk on the mountain ravens fly over to see what is happening and I wonder if they recognise me. In many cultures ravens are a mythic symbol of death or are thought of as messengers or omens. After my mother died I walked on the mountain and thought about the ravens and how empty it would be if I couldn't hear their cronking. The birds became a metaphor that enabled me to explore my grief.' Wendy Dison May 2018
Wendy Dison studied at Liverpool School of Art. She has lived in Spain, Mexico and England before moving to West Cork in 1999. Exhibitions include, Stone Ghosts, The Hallward Gallery, Dublin, (2007), Crossing Place, Liverpool, London and Runcorn UK (2009-2010), Slow Turning, Runcorn UK (2011) and Seanachaí, Cill Rialag Arts Centre (2013). Wendy has exhibited in group shows in USA, Canada, Russia, Australia and Italy and has received Culture Ireland Grants in 2008, 2009 and 2011.

Image: Wendy Dison, Untitled, Paper, plaster, wire, 2017

Affinities: Noël O'Callaghan and Diarmuid O'Ceallacháin - Two Generations of Painting

(10 November to 11 December)

This exhibition of paintings by father and daughter, Diarmuid O'Ceallacháin (1915-1993) and Noël O'Callaghan (b.1959) spans a period of almost eighty years. They were selected by Noël O'Callaghan for their significance to her and for their resonance with each other in colour, motif, composition or execution. Many have self-made frames which were characteristic of Diarmuid O'Ceallacháin’s work.

Diarmuid O'Ceallacháin was a full-time teacher of painting at the Crawford School of Art from 1940 - 1970. Born in Glanacloghy outside Drimoleague, he graduated from the Metropolitan School of Art where he was taught by Seán Keating and Maurice MacGonigal. He won a number of awards including the Taylor Scholarship (1939), the Taylor Prize (1940), and diploma and medal from the Académie Française (1958). A major retrospective of his work was held in the Crawford gallery in 1991 and a number of his works are in the permanent collection there.

Noël O'Callaghan was born and grew up in Cork city. She has a degree in English literature from UCC and worked as an actor for a number of years before moving to Berlin in the mid-eighties. There she has worked professionally in music and painting and her work often involves elements of performance. Her performance/installation “Live” based on public life-drawing was the first art event to be included in the Dublin Theatre Festival’s main programme in 1995. She has exhibited widely with solo shows and has been selected for many juried events and public art commissions. Since 2005 she has been awarded an ongoing studio grant from the German Visual Artists Association (BBK). Her work is in private and public collections.

Image: Self Portrait by Diarmuid O Ceallachain, Oil on Board, 1971



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