Aisling Roche and David Bickley

Aisling Roche & David Bickley
6 to 27 February 2024

Open studio on Tuesdays and Saturdays throughout. All wecome to drop in and meet the artist/s.

'WATERBONE' - Studio Exhibition on Saturday 24 February, 1pm - all welcome, free, no booking.

This is a unique project fusing elements of craft, visual art, marine science, film and immersive sound design. The aim is to produce a visceral experience that is wholly inclusive to a wide demographic — channelling inner and outer landscapes as connected fragments and creating interstices that allow the viewer inside the core concept at a level anticipated to generate genuine connectivity.

Celebrated ceramicist Aisling Roche met David Ian Bickley while both resident at Uillinn in 2019. They collaborated on an audio visual work based on digitally animated images taken by Aisling whilst swimming in Lough Hyne. Recently, having begun incorporating Projected Augmented Reality into his practice, David suggested “lighting up” some of Aisling’s delicate porcelain aquatic forms. The resultant work BIOLUM, was deeply suggestive of a much larger work, and has led to this proposal.

Whilst on residency at Uillinn they propose to create an immersive space that incorporates strange mutating ceramic sculptures based on aquatic forms, they are alive with moving textures and particles (created though Projected AR). Closer inspection reveals these seemingly natural objects incorporate plastics and oversized chains of polymer molecules.

The audio elements — atmospheric music and sound design that pervade the space will be based on underwater recordings collected processed into the realms of pure musical ambience through digital and analogue studio manipulation.


Outcomes of the Residency, updated 16 Feb 24 'WATERBONE' - Studio Exhibition

“Underground Nuclear Testing: The Leading Cause of Global Warming”
Clay Hansen, Authorea. January 12, 2023.

In "WATERBONE" by Aisling Roche and David Ian Bickley, the artists explore the harrowing impact of underground nuclear testing on our planet, particularly the delicate marine ecosystem. Through the use of ceramics inspired by aquatic forms, Projected Augmented Reality, Motion Lighting, and Film, they create a series of immersive and thought-provoking ritual events.

In this multi-dimensional experience, viewers are transported into a world where the beauty of the ocean is marred by the destructive force of human actions. The artists invite us to reflect on the consequences of our actions through a multi-channel audio visual environment, featuring stunning visuals and a haunting sound design.

From a giant porcelain oyster shell symbolizing life and creation, to bone-like ceramics illuminated with eerie textures, to a mesmerizing atomic anomaly that speaks to the edge of desolation, "WATERBONE" paints a vivid and chilling picture of the potential consequences of our reckless behavior.

Ultimately, the exhibition serves as a powerful reminder of the revengeful sea, patiently waiting to reclaim the remnants of our civilisation and reduce them to mere grains of sand.

Aisling Roche is a Visual Artist and Educator who graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 1990 with a master’s degree in 3D Design, Ceramics. Aisling was born in Dublin and now lives and works in Spain, Baltimore, West Cork. She works predominantly in Ceramics, Paint and Photography.
Aisling’s work is inspired by the sea in particular Lough Hyne, where she swims regularly. Her objective is to give the viewer an appreciation of the ocean whilst also considering the fragility of the ocean’s eco system.

Aisling has exhibited widely over the last 40 years including the RHA, Dublin, Vanguard Gallery, Cork and Uillinn, West Cork Arts Centre. Aisling has completed numerous public and private art commissions such as Emerge (2000) a large multi-figurative Ceramic piece for Southwest Fisheries and The Faminie Wave (1999) a relief panel depicted the tsunami of emigration that was caused the Irish Famine, St Louis High School, Dublin. Aisling’s work is held in many public collections including St Vincent Hospital, Dublin, Wigan and Leigh borough council, Greater Manchester, Radionics Dublin and Pfizers Cork and in private collections nationally as well as in America, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Australia. Aisling has received corporate client awards and public awards and her work has been supported by the Arts Council /An Chomhairle Ealaíon, The National Sculpture Factory, Cork and Uillinn, West Cork Arts Centre.

Anglo Irish artist, filmmaker and musician David Bickley (b. 1961) audio visual works/ installations are abstracted, largely process led adventures mainly on themes of nature/ landscape but also with points of reference to mythology and symbolism. They rely heavily on texture and mood and tend to sacrifice the topographical in an attempt to capture the spirit of the places depicted using memory or feeling. Other works are digitally manipulated landscapes designed to evoke a sense of animation and accelerated time-scale. His practice incorporates film, music, video, immersive environments and sound art. David graduated from WSCAD with a BA in film in 1983. Past exhibitions of his work have included Irish Museum of Modern Art, Gallery of City Museum of Aveiro, Portugal; Haun Tie Art Museum, Beijing, China; Common Ground, International Touring Exhibition; Lewis Art Gallery, Millsaps, Jackson Mississippi; Centre For Creative Practices, Dublin; Crawford Municipal Gallery, Cork; The Big Chill Festival,Eastnor, England; County Hall, Cork; Eisge, Carlow; The Dock, Leitrim; Glucksman, Cork; and Darklight, Dublin. David Bickley lives and works in Cork, Ireland.


Images: Biolum - Porcelain and Projected Augmented Reality Test Sequence ( still 3) Aisling Roche & David Bickley & Biolum - Porcelain and Projected Augmented Reality Test Sequence ( still 2) Aisling Roche & David Bickley


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