Ali Clarke

Ali Clarke
What Is Not Ours To Carry
11 April to 19 April 2023

What Is Not Ours To Carry is a dance solo unfolding layers of what it means to examine the self, what it is and how we can (or cannot) define it. Working closely with set designer Emma Fisher and composer Ruben Monteiro the work will guide the audience through a journey into the self, in all of its undefined, hazy glory. During this residency Ali will be diving into the choreographic elements of the work, exploring movement as a central element of the piece.

Simultaneously, the residency falls into Ali's longer term research into building mental sustainability in the creation process for artists. Alongside academic Elena Kreusch and psychologist Nichola Crawford Ali will work towards the publication of policy advice in the area of mental health in the Irish arts sector examining how cultural management practices can aid the creation of sustainable conditions for artists and arts workers.

During this residency Ali will open the studio between 1pm and 2pm every day to make space for anyone who would like to step inside the process of creation and lend their own stories and experiences to the work. This can be in a public or anonymous way.

Ali will also hold a small work-in-progress session on the 18th at 4pm during which Ali will share some extracts from the work with the public and share the process with anyone interested. This will be an informal space for anyone of any age group to step into the creation in this early stage.

Ali Clarke is a choreographer and director of dance and circus, whose passion lies in creating immersive and interactive performances that explore the interplay between the audience and performers. With a desire to reimagine the role of contemporary dance in society, Ali has received numerous accolades, including the Next Generation Award from the Arts Council of Ireland, the Arts and Disability Research Award ('21), the Chasse Theater and Podium Bloos Culture Award ('19), and the Cafe Theatre Festival Jury Award ('18). Additionally, Ali has been the recipient of support from Axis Theater as a Play:Ground artist and took part in the Creation Artists 21/22 trajectory from the Performance Corporation.


Instagram: @alibly

Dance Project Award - Arts Council Ireland
Axis Play:Ground Award - Axis Theatre
Research Award - Arts and Disability Connect Ireland

WCAC acknowledges the financial support of the Arts Council and Cork County Council in making these residencies possible.

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