Ankor - Creating Space

Ankor - Creating Space
In residence from 8 -18 January 2018.

This is a research residency supporting dance artist Mairéad Vaughan (based in Cork) to collaborate through peer sharing with artists Maria Kerin (Estonian-based Irish artist), Helle Kvamme (Swedish-based Norwegian visual artist) and Anna Lindvall (Öland-based Swedish artist). This artist’s collective form Ankor, a European inter-disciplinary collective committed to movement-based arts practice research.

During their collaboration, the artists each from diverse artistic backgrounds and cultures, will enter into an interdisciplinary research process they call Creating Space to investigate the intersection between contemporary dance, visual-art, improvisation, performance and installation.

Holding Space - Still Space - Receptive Space -Transient Space – Generative Space - Empty Space – Resonant Space - Third Space - Impermanent Space - Mediating Space - In-Between Space ...

On Friday 12 January, 11.00am to 12.30pm Mairéad Vaughan will offer her daily practice of ‘Attuning’ as a free participatory event. This psychosomatic movement practice called ‘Attuning’ is a way of listening with open receptivity to inner bodily space, outer environmental space and a third space, through movement, stillness and exchange. It attunes to the kinaesthetic and energetic capacity of the body-mind and is applicable to any artist of any discipline interested in working with an embodied approach. It combines principles from Release-based Contemporary Dance Technique, Improvisation, Energy Yoga and Somatic Practices.

The artists collective will open their studio to the public Friday 12 January, 1pm to 2pm and Saturday 13 January, 1:30pm to 2:30pm: Space for stillness, Space for what might emerge in a moment within the immediacy of Creating Space. All welcome to the free events above, no booking necessary.

Mairéad Vaughan ( is a dance artist, choreographer, researcher and writer. As artistic director of Shakram Dance Company (1999 - 2004) she choreographed a large body of original work, performed nationally and internationally (UK, Norway, Greece, Sweden). She is committed to creating new work ranging from dance, theatre, video art, site-specific and installation performance. Mairead recently graduated with a practice-based PhD investigating the kinaesthetic and energetic relationship between the moving body-mind and environment.

Helle Kvamme ( is a visual artist working in Öland an island off the east coast of Sweden where she co-founded an arts centre called Yellowbox. Her work exists in the tension between ecology and economic systems. She creates dialogical spaces of encounter with her audience through photography, film, movement, found objects and organic materials. For many years her place of research has been a hazel forest on the coast of Sweden. She invited people to interact, work and engage with the forest as physical space but also with its immaterial nature.

Maria Kerin ( is a trans-disciplinary artist, curator and mentor. She combines her process-based visual art practice with embodied movement to create installations, performances and new media body works. Maria has refined this process into a unique methodology known as Embodied Creativity Process. Through this form of body-based work, she explores points of meeting with site, artist and audience in an autobiographical enquiry. A founder member of Outrider Artists, since 2009, Kerin creates trans-local cultural meetings, residencies and exchanges through hospitality, peer sharing and cross border creativity. Founder member of Ankor, a research platform for movement based arts practice, 2017.

Anna Lindvall is based on Öland, an island off the east coast of Sweden.  Practice: performance arts practice, movement based. Media: sound, sculpture, film, shadow puppetry. Anna Lindvall explores consciousness and the breaking out of story.

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