Bea Bidault

Bea C. Bidault with Mayah Kadish & Aki Iwamoto
Les Nuages/The Clouds

10 to 23 May 2024

The Clouds/Les Nuages is a dance theatre experience exploring loneliness, alienation & the need for community. The next phase of R&D (winter 2024) is an opportunity to realise the entire music and sound landspace by working collaboratively with composer Mayah Kadish (Italy) & dance artist Aki Iwamoto (Belgium). An opportunity to work in person to record field recordings and choreographic development will be a key learning moment in my artistic practice.

Bea works as a performer, movement and rehearsal director across live work and film alongside directors and other creatives. She graduated with a distinction level Master’s degree from London Contemporary Dance School.

Previous work co-created with Theo Arran, The Shape of a Day, has toured at Festival Deltebre 22', at the Museum of Modern Art in Valencia and in London.

She has worked as the Rehearsal Director for Thick Skin, by Becky Namgauds; and as a performer for her other work Dog Women.

Bea is part of Teac Damsa, directed by Michael Keegan-Dolan, performing in the piece Mám. She also was the rehearsal assistant for his latest creation How to be a Dancer in Seventy-two Thousand Easy Lessons.

Mayah Kadish. Violinist and composer Mayah will be devising the music for the piece. Mayah composes and performs music from across a broad spectrum - from baroque historically informed practice to avant-garde experimental, contemporary classical, folk, pop etc.


Residency supported by Goethe Institute - European Mobility Award and Blast Theory - Jaimie Iddon Award


Bea C. Bidault
Monday 29 May to Saturday 3 June 2023
Saturday 19 August to Thursday 24 August 2023

Bea Bedault's residency will  include a workshop with Young and Professional Dance Artists; visual art exploration with art students and The Shape of a Day processed based public sharing.

Work in Progress Les Nuages/ The Clouds sharing 11am Saturday 3 June

Workshop with young people and professional dancers 4.30pm on Monday 21 August

The topics of my previous work and my current work stem from a desire to discuss or confront topics about how capitalism, neoliberalism and narcissistic tendencies have affected a sense of community, and how dance and a collaborative-orientated practice can rebuild a sense of community.

I aim to create work that is a reflection of how we can keep our singularities as individuals whilst still creating connections with others, as to shift the centre of our purpose from the individual towards the well-being of a collective.

With my practice, I have the desire to share a tacit experience where the movement aims to question current issues of the world we live in and where we want to go. Therefore, I believe I have a duty to question patriarchal, eurocentric and gendered roles and values.

I aim to encapsulate how dance can allow for abstract forms of expression. My interest is in how the body can express information otherwise not accessible in words, and how obscured body language can communicate something tacit.

The pandemic has enhanced a general sense of alienation and narcissism, at the same time this has created a chance to reconsider how we want to belong to a community or create a sense of community. Through this work, I am specifically interested in exploring where the boundaries between the individual and the collective lie.

To enhance these boundaries, I am collaborating with a costume designer to build inflatable transparent puffer jackets. The two dancers will be almost bubble wrapped by the costumes as a way to display the boundaries between them. I am interested to see how that will change not only the physicality of the movement but how the relationship is affected by an invisible yet visible boundary.

Bea is originally from Barcelona and based in London, works as a dance performer, teacher and choreographer.
Bea started her vocational training by experimenting with various styles of urban, modern and contemporary dance in Barcelona. She continued her training at Edge, the postgraduate company of LCDS, achieving a Distinction level Masters's Degree.

Most extensively, Bea has been collaborating with Becky Namgauds as a dance artist and as rehearsal director; with Requardt&Rosenberg and with Northern Rascals as a performer.

She is currently part of Teac Damsa, directed by Michael Keegan-Dolan. She was in the creation of The Only Tune, produced by Sadler’s Wells, and now she is performing Mám. Recently she has been the rehearsal assistant for his latest creation How to be a Dancer in Seventy-two Thousand Easy Lessons performed by himself and Rachel Poirier.

In 2019, Bea created and developed the duet The Shape of a Day in collaboration with Theo Arran, premiering in 2020 and performing at Festival Deltebre 2022 receiving international recognition.


WCAC acknowledges the financial support of the Arts Council and Cork County Council in making these residencies possible.

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