Bill & Fred

Bill and Fred
18 February to 21 February 2022

Billie and Freda

Dance, Circus and clowning Residency.

The four day residency at Uillinn will be our first days stepping into the studio for our new street performance. The piece will be about Bill and Fred playing two older women. We want to give older people (in this case women) back their sexuality, desires and dreams. Our goal is to create a 10 to 15 minute short piece, which will be suitable to perform on the streets (as well as other venues). The idea is to have a piece that requires almost no technical setup and is therefore placeable almost everywhere. These four days we plan to "throw everything on the table". Meaning to experiment with all our inspirational sources and generating different ideas. This includes, music, physicality, text and costumes. This will allow us to select certain aspects of what we find interesting so that we can develop the material further in our next residency at the circus factory.

We make art. We want to entertain. We acknowledge the difficulties of life. We dream big.
So let's play.

Elysia Mc Mullen (IRE) and Luisa Schmitz (CH) met during their dance education at FHK, Tilburg (NL), where both graduated with a BA in Dance and Choreography in 2016.
Bill and Fred are an all-female clown duo, merging disciplines such as dance, clowning, circus and theatre. The duo developed their own unique style of clowning. Within the practice of improvisation they developed an intricate language of gestural and body movements. Their work derives from that humoristic movement language which focuses on the clownesque expression of dance. The duo bring a profound level of precision to their movement built through years of experience in improvisation, clowning and dance. Together the duo are breaking new ground artistically, bringing professional dance and clowning to new heights.

WCAC acknowledges the financial support of the Arts Council and Cork County Council in making these residencies possible.


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