Buzz and Hum

Buzz and Hum 
An exhibition of paintings by Richard Gorman and Samuel Walsh
13 January to 20 February 2018

Buzz and Hum brings together the work of Richard Gorman and Samuel Walsh, highlighting the relationship between the two artists and their work. Both Gorman and Walsh have exhibited widely and regularly since the 1980s, and while their formal approach to painting differs, the two artists share an interest in expressive colour and pattern.

The exhibition was opened on Friday 12 January at 4.00 pm (see below for video) by artist, Charles Tyrrell and there was an opportunity to hear both artists speak about their work on Saturday 13 January at 12 noon (see below for a video of the artists talk). 


“The title of this exhibition by the two artists who have been familiar with each other’s work for nearly 30 years, derives from an insight arrived by one, then happily endorsed by the other, regarding a persistent distinction between their respective bodies of work.”  Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith.

“The hard-won rapprochement between line and colour in Walsh’s work was dispensed with by Gorman quite some time ago. Whereas with Walsh the skeleton is still prominent, so to speak, with Gorman all we see is skin. Skin as both metaphor and material, one might add, for Gorman never allows us to forget that what we are looking at is paint, first and foremost, a dried membrane of once - viscous matter. Gorman’s penchant for compositions that are centred, four-square and self-contained, however is in contradistinction to Walsh’s preference for asymmetrical arrangements of forms which can be assumed to extend beyond the painting’s borders” Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue published by Limerick City Gallery of Art with an essay by Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith offering an elegant insight into the work of both artists.

The vibrant colours and expressive patterns that are seen in the work of both of the artists makes this exhibition one that shouldn’t be missed.

Richard Gorman has exhibited widely and regularly since the mid-1980s, especially in Dublin at Kerlin Gallery, and also in London, Milan and Tokyo. Frequent and extended visits to Japan have notably influenced his working methods and materials, most memorably in a series of highly successful large-scale works executed on handmade washi paper that he produced in western Japan in 1999, 2003 and 2008. Recent solo exhibitions include Castletown House, Kildare; Kerlin Gallery, Dublin (both 2016); Assab One, Milan (2015); The MAC, Belfast (2014); Kerlin Gallery, Dublin (2012); Mitaka City Gallery of Art and Ashikaga City Museum of Art Japan (2010); CCGA Koriyama Museum, Japan (2003); Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin, and Crawford Art Gallery, Cork (2001). Gorman is represented by the Kerling Gallery, Dublin,
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Samuel Walsh has exhibited widely since the 80s with regular exhibitions at the Oliver Dowling Gallery and more recently at the Oliver Sears Gallery, Dublin. A frequent exhibitor at the Royal Hibernian Academy since 1982 and an invited artist in 2005/2008/2013, Walsh has participated in several prestigious open and invited group exhibitions in Ireland. Walsh has represented Ireland in several international exhibitions including solo exhibitions at Foundation Binz39, Switzerland and Galerie B, Pont-Aven, France in 2002. In November 2007, Walsh exhibited a body of work based on Dante Alighieri’s, The Divine Comedy, at Limerick City Gallery of Art (LCGA) which subsequently toured to France. He represented Ireland at the Laureates International Drawing Biennial, Pilsen, Czech Republic in 2015 as part of the city’s European City of Culture designation and NordArt in Büdelsdorf, Germany in the same year. He is the winner of the Savills Art Prize, 2017.
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Exerpt from Arena on RTÉ Radio 1 Tuesday 16th January, Richard Gorman and Samuel Walsh explain the differences in their artistic styles and their joint exhibition 'Buzz and Hum'.

Top Image: Richard Gorman, Shuffle, 2009, oil on linen
Image Below: Samuel Walsh, Locus XXVI (Frühling), Acrylic oil canvas, 2016

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