Cork County Council/Uillinn Artist in Residence Patsy Tyrrell

Cork County Council / Uillinn Artist Residency
Patsy Tyrrell

2 April to  4 May 2024
Studio open Friday and Saturday

Patsy Tyrrell is a visual artist based in Beara and a recent graduate of Sculpture and Expanded Practice from NCAD. Her practice is rooted in the importance of the invisible links that bind us together, and to the landscape, in softness and small encounters. In the monumental nature of softness, stillness and small moments of support. Her practice currently explores how these moments of relation to each other and to our landscape can change our perception of the space around us. For this residency in Uillinn Patsy will be building a body of work that investigates perception of place and landscape through embodied drawing and performance. She will develop drawings, reflections, and moments of performance, while inviting others to engage in this process with her through drawing and dialogue.

During this residency Pasty aims to complete:

  • A series of large drawings/performances in spaces within the landscape and/or within the studio, open to the public.
  • A body of collective drawings and reflections.
  • Collection of voice recordings or written dialogue/reflections to accompany.
  • Her own series of drawings per day, small, as a way to reflect and think.
  • A compilation of written research and reflections in zine form.

Tyrrell’s practice is always engaged with the landscape around. It serves to help her think about and explore space and place and then often develops to situate itself either within the landscape or in response to it.

Drawing and performance is a way of exploring the lines we move along, the journeys we travel as we move through landscape. Drawing can connect the body to this thinking. While the nature of the body changes, the line and the nature of the line can reflect subtle details of the body's experience.

Exploring these often intangible links and letting the body and perception lead the direction of her work is constant. As place is created by the movements of others as well as oneself, Patsy is curious to follow this line of inquiry with others and learn of others' experiences of their landscapes, what is seen and unseen. Patsy thinks amassing a body of work that intertwines others' contributions along with her own, would be a rich continuation of her practice.

Tyrrell plans to hold drawing workshops in the studio. Drawing as a means of thinking, creating a space of dialogue through durational action, and taking up space collectively with mark making. These workshops would be quite structured in the hopes of creating ease and direction.
Smaller drawing exercises for short engagements during open studio for visitors.
Walking and drawing outside as a way of thinking about the landscape.
Reflective conversation and listening during open studio sessions/invitations to studio.

Patsy Tyrrell is a visual artist living and working in Beara in West Cork. Tyrrell graduated from the National College of Art and Design, with 1st Class Honours, where she studied Sculpture and Expanded Practice. Tyrrell’s practice is grounded in making as a way of expressing embodied knowledge and her work often takes form through performance, sound, drawing and sculpture.

Tyrrell’s work is concerned with the changing/making of space, the conditions that affect how we exist within a space and the relation between the thinking perceiving body and the landscape. Her practice works in a balance between a very individual, somatic, slow, thoughtful practice and an outward facing socially engaged practice involving public intervention.

Instagram @_patsytyrrell_

Image: Patsy Tyrrell, Monument, 800 x 150cm, Fabriano and polychromos faber castell, durational drawing performance and sound, taking up space in softness.

WCAC acknowledges the financial support of the Arts Council and Cork County Council in making these residencies possible.

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