Dance Research Residency

Dance Research Residency
with Tara Brandel and Kathleen Hermesdorf
10 May to 13 May

Two contemporary dancers from the USA and Ireland working together investigating contact improvisation. Contact improvisation is a strongly recurring theme in both dancers work. 

An Improvised Performance by Kathleen Hermesdorf and Tara Brandel Part of Tara Brandel's Dance Residency at Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre.
Recorded music is by Kathleen's longtime collaborator Albert Matthias.
Live improvised music is by local cellist Lea Miklodi.
'Kathleen Hermesdorf and I have been working together for 2 weeks. Although I took many classes and workshops with her when I lived in San Francisco, this is our first time collaborating together. We have spent our time listening to what brings our dancer selves delight, and trusting in the serendipity that the performance would emerge from following our creative bliss. What you see here is a culmination of 2 weeks of contact improvisation, body work, sharing our favourite dance moves, talking about being dancers in our late 40's, doing lime green improvs in the supermarket, the car park and by the river, spending time by the sea, and interacting with the art in the galleries.'

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