Emily Aoibheann

Emily Aoibheann & Hazel Cardew
11 August to 14 August 2022

Join Emily and Hazel for A Linear Language: collaborative discovery on Saturay 13 August at 2pm. See here for further details. 

Emily Aoibheann is an artist, aerialist and artistic mentor. With foundational expertise in music, performance and aerial dance, her varied background leads to creative, collaborative and original integration of multiple art forms.

Her work in 2021 is supported and funded by the Arts Council, Fingal County Council, Dance Ireland and the Courthouse Arts Centre.

My practice is interpersonal, resourceful and spatial, realised with a broad team of collaborators. The work is strongly influenced by artistic and technical elements of aerial
dance and circus, inspired by a decade of creating work in these artforms. I have a specific interest in architecture and exploration of space(s), material experimentation and the symbiosis of human and object. With the body placed at the centre of my work, I use acts of permissive and playful irreverence to explore kinetic, energetic and structural transformation. This can naturally but not exclusively extend to include physical and emotional extremes in performance.

Works: Object Piggy (2013-2015); Papaveracea (2015); Sorry Gold (2019); Mother of Pearl (2019). Director of PaperDolls (2010-2013); Director of Cat's Paw Experimental Aerial Dance Meeting; Founder and Director Creation Aerial; Artist in Residence at The Courthouse Arts Centre, Tinahely, Co. Wicklow, ongoing since 2018.

Artist Hazel Cardew (UK) will continue her exploration of instructional drawing and collaborative graphic scores in A Linear Language, a new project with Uilinn West Cork Arts Centre, culminating in a residency at the venue in August 2022.

A Linear Language builds on Hazel's previous work with musicians to include dance and movement notation with an emphasis on physical dynamics and the body, in collaboration with aerialist and artist Emily Aoibheann (IRE). Both artists have historically traversed lines between disciplines to expand the boundaries of drawing and aerial dance respectively. Through creative exchange ranging from dialogue to shared studio practice, this collaboration will explore drawing as instruction for movement, and vice-versa, as the artists move between instruction and interpretation, closing the space between composer and performer.

The collaboration will focus on discursive, methodological and artistic cross-pollination to research, unpick and test ideas remotely over a six-month period, concluding with in-person consolidation of research at the Uilinn in August 2022. 


Image: Emily Aoibheann Sorry Gold Photo by Eoin Kirwan

WCAC acknowledges the financial support of the Arts Council and Cork County Council in making these residencies possible. 


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