Bealtaine/Cork County Council/Uillinn Artist in Residence Award 2024

Bealtaine/Cork County Council/Uillinn Artist in Residence Award 2024
Fiona Boniwell
Running to a Pause…
1 to 31 May

Open studio Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday

Artist Talk Fiona Boniwell - Running To A Pause, 12 noon Saturday 1 June 2024 
Join Fiona Boniwell for a talk and presentation about the work created during her month long residency at Uillinn as part of the Bealtaine festival.

During my residency at Uillinn as part of the Bealtaine Festival, I aim to develop the groundwork and research for my next body of work entitled Running To A Pause. This will be a multidisciplinary visual art project examining movement and my changing relationship with it as it relates to my own body over time. I will explore this theme through large-scale drawings: some figurative; some abstract and expressive. I will document the creation of the drawings using video and photography.

I have always been very physically active and have been training in martial arts in tandem with my art practice over the past fifteen years. I consider my active and creative life to be intertwined. My martial arts experience will form the foundation of my research. I am also interested in exploring what motivates myself and others to pursue physical challenges as we grow older. What are the benefits? How does an active life impact on other aspects of our being? These are just some of the questions I intend to research through drawing during my residency at Uillinn.

My primary goal is to experiement with materials and methodologies thereby kickstarting a new body of work based on the theme of movement as outlined above. Secondly, having spent the last few years working predominantly on collaborative sequential art projects using digital media, I wish to focus on self-initiated projects and to experiment with different scales of drawing: large and small scale; analogue and digital.

During my residency and in addition to developing my own practice, I will connect with the public through a drawing and movement workshop involving Kuk Sool Won practioners aged 50+. My studio will be open a few days a week. I will also give a talk at the end of the residency to discuss the work created at UILLINN and how the residency has impacted on my work.

Fiona Boniwell is a visual artist based in Kinsale, Ireland. She studied in London graduating from Kingston University with a BA Hons in Fine Art.
Drawing is the primary focus of her art practice. As well as large-scale drawings, her work includes collaborative illustration projects, murals, comics, and zines. In addition, Fiona is an experienced art workshop facilitator with the teaching of drawing and comic process being an important element of her art practice. She also teaches the Korean martial art of Kuk Sool Won in her local area.

instagram: fionaboniwell_art


Images: Both taking during Fiona's residency at Uillinn, courtesy of the artist. 

WCAC acknowledges the financial support of the Arts Council and Cork County Council in making these residencies possible. 

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