Ghaliah Conroy

Research Commission Award
Ghaliah Conroy

16 July to 22 July and 29 August to 2 September 2022

For this residency my main research questions are regarding the archetypes of Irish women throughout history. What are the archetypes that Ireland has imposed on its women? How have these archetypes been carried through the generations? What do they look like today? Understanding how this has affected women and their identity, physically, mentally and societally. In an attempt to challenge the traditional archetypes by deconstructing them to see what lies beneath the surface. By seeking out the true form that lies beneath we have the freedom to take charge of our narrative and renew our identity. I find it important when creating to highlight or comment on issues important to me and it's the inspiration for a lot of my work.

Researching theoretically and physically, I will use stories/accounts I have recorded and collected from different generations of Irish women on their experiences to begin my physical research. I also enjoy researching with materials and for this residency wish to research with a tulle fabric. As a maker I find materials give me a lot of inspiration and freedom to experiment with different movement qualites. And enjoy the strong imagery or meaning if can often bring.

While in Cork I wish to interview some local women on their experiences and accounts of growing up there. I will also be staying with a local musician and hope to get in touch with the community that way also.

From an Irish mother and French Guianese father I grew up in inner city Dublin and come from an artistic background of theatre,music and dance. I have experience singing proffessionaly aswell as dancing and acting, as a result I have a multi-disciplinary background when it comes to performing, creating and working in the arts. I will be graduating this year from Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten with a degree in Dance and Choreography and plan to base myself between Ireland and the Netherlands. As a maker I would describe myself as intuitive, passionate and hard working and my work as expressive and theatrical with strong imagery. When making it's important to me that it's a collaborative process with the people I work with.

Instagram: @ghaliahconroy


WCAC acknowledges the financial support of the Arts Council and Cork County Council in making these residencies possible.

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