In Place

Production Residency: Croí Glan In Place (Dance)
Dance Studio/Gallery
1 February to 30 April

In Place is an hour long show in 2 sections, In Place One and In Place Two, investigating the architecture of 4 distinct art spaces around Ireland, in Dublin (IMMA), Belfast (The Mac), Cork (Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre) and Limerick (Limerick City Gallery). 

In Place One: is a solo choreographed and performed by Tara Brandel, made in response to the architecture of each space. As someone with dyslexia, Tara experiences her neurodiversity through a heightened sense of spatial awareness. In Place One will draw upon and embody this distinct experience and reflect on the relationship between the fragility and durability of the soft human form and the spatial harmony of architectural space. Drawing on images by De Chirico, In Place One reflects on isolation and our place in the world.

In Place Two: is an intimate duet for Croi Glan Co-Artistic Director and dancer with a disability, Linda Fearon, and male dancer Lee Clayden. The duet provides complementary insight and experience to In Place One, reflecting on our relationship with others and how our environment shapes our trust, attachments and closeness, through touch, balance and exquisite movement. In Place Two explores longing, connection and intimacy within the limitations of place. 

In Place will be created in collaboration with a stellar team of creatives: haunting music composed by Ray Harman; beautiful costume design by designer Angharad Matthews, and simple site-relevant lighting design by Sarah Jane Sheils.


Images: Tara Brandel, Croí Glan, The James O'Driscoll Gallery, photographs by Sharon Dipity
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