Kate McElroy

Kate McElroy

29 June - 21 July

Kate McElroy is an artist based in Cork city where she is completing a Master’s in Art and Process at Crawford College of Art and Design. 

​My work is capturing a shifting scape, an area on the urban edge. I am interested in the fluctuation of place, the ever changing and absorbing effects of the a place  in flux. The contrast between a deep presencing and observation of a place, a slowness and an appreciation of what is, against the ever changing fast paced aspect of living on the edge of a city that is ever moving and altering before me. I capture these juxtaposing states through photography, found objects and installation. 

Photography allows me to take on the role of the spectator, observing my surroundings and tracing it. Using film and digital photography I can capture a place in an instant. Manipulating different perspectives and capturing it through elements such as glass allows me to present it in a slightly surreal and abstract manner. The use of multiple exposures has allowed me to further this abstraction  and converge multiple perspectives within the one photograph. I am interested in how time and space seem to converge in a single image, coalescing and activating the viewers imagination as they process and reconfigure the images.

I have used found objects such as glass, boards and metals in my work presented in specific ways to get the viewer to examine them further. These items were disregarded and overlooked, yet when examined further and presented in specific ways offer an inherent narrative and convey a sense of place as they have absorbed the effects of their environment on their surfaces. The man made quality of them contrasts to the organic spills of decay caused by their original surroundings. The objects in themselves convey a subtly absorbing and contemplative quality to them. 

I am interested in using what already exists, what I find around me, but using and presenting them in an unconventional manner to get the viewer to question their own perceptions. Within this there is room for the viewer to use their own imaginative process to reinterpret what they may normally take for granted. The work lies on the periphery of the real and unreal, the social and the individual. I have been especially influenced by Chiara Bottici, Brian Massumi, and the descriptive writing of Rebecca Solnit on time, space and the use of photography.

21 - 31 July - Open Studio Exhibition

Kate displayed the work she assembled, collected and photographed throughout her residency. This was open to the public for a ten day period. The public could also take part in guided tours by Kate where she invited them to respond to the artwork, using an open style questioning technique. Kate roused curiousity in the viewer inviting them to investigate closer. She elluded direct narrative allowing the viewers construct their own meaning and highlighting their own unique sense of perception.




Kate McElroy in conversation with Moze Jacobs 


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