Lisa Blas

Lisa Blas

4 June to 18 July, 2020

For the last several years Lisa has focused on the fragility of the natural world, caused by human intervention, climate change, and meteorological events.

She finds sources for her work by examining newspaper feeds and photographing her environment. Working in painting, she pushes the optical and reflective properties of colour and light to activate negative space. It is a stage where still lives and fragments of text co-exist on equal terms.

Her residency in the summer of 2020 will consist of a site-specific installation in painting that illuminates the changing environment of Cork from past to present. ‘To situate myself in place and time, I will take daily photographs of the light near my studio at West Cork Arts Centre. These observations will accompany me as I draw upon local museum collections, Irish newspapers, weather reports, and archives from the University of Cork. I envision creating a constellation where the ephemeral light and atmosphere of everyday life is rendered in adjacency with the region’s geographical and historical markers. To further understand my surroundings, I intend to seek out local writers and poets who address nature and the entropic landscape in their work. Language creates its own porous space through gaps and pauses, analogous to the lacunae of pictorial space.

Community Engagement Events:

1. To host an open studio event for the public at the end of June 2020 to view my work in progress and converse with visitors.

 2. To host a workshop for the public in collaboration with an Irish poet or writer in the region. As an introduction, we would select poems that illuminate the human experience in nature and perform readings for the audience.

Lisa Blas is an American artist of Guamanian/Italian descent working in painting, collage, photography, and installation. Based in New York, she exhibits nationally and internationally, and currently teaches at The College of New Jersey, Ewing Township. In 2015, Blas created “Monday’s image”, a weekly blog that pairs artworks from museum collections with the front page of the newspaper. In 2016, she produced an artist project for Public Art Dialogue, Special Issue: The Dilemma of Public Art’s Permanence. In 2018, she published "Negative Space(s)", an article in the volume Monumental Troubles: Rethinking What Monuments Mean Today, University of Notre Dame, Indiana.

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