Mairéad Vaughan

InSkin: Activating Space, Mapping the Divide and Attuning:Immersion
Gallery II & III
4 December to 22 December 2020

...inSkin weaves a resonant space of shedding skins, perceptual patterns, residual imprints and energetic impressions. Movement and stillness resolve into a zero point, revealing the translucent, empty, simplicity of Being here and now inSkin...

A process of reconfiguration of a live performance space onto a screen space was explored through the lens of dance artist Mairéad Vaughan and visual artist Tomasz Madajczak.

inSkin, was inspired by a body of moving environmental video art, created by Mairéad in 2014. Textured, sensorial, moving image became the centrifugal force, through which 5 performers and 7 white pillars continuously revolved. inSkin is an artistic response to our current body-mind-environmental crises, bringing awareness to holism and the importance of coming back into our direct felt sensed bodies – Being - here and now inSkin.

inSkin, was performed by an international group of artists: Tomasz Madajczak (Poland), Charlie Dunne (UK), Lily Horgan (UK) and Helle Kvamme (Sweden). It received Cork County Council funding to travel to Poland in 2020, but was cancelled due to Covid. We hope to tour this performance installation in 2021.


Mapping the Divide

This series of photographs by Tomasz Madajczak documents the project Mapping the Divide which took place in 2019 when a group of children worked with dance artist Mairéad Vaughan and visual artist Tomasz Madajczak.

Mapping the Divide is a creative exploration into the effects of technology on our body, mind and environment.

Uillinn invited three primary school groups to take part in a short series of workshops at school and at Uillinn to creatively investigate the impact that technology, and in particular the use of mobile phones, can have on us.

The participating children (aged 9 to 12 years old) were invited to journey into the body and out to the landscape, to bring awareness of the direct sensory and kinaesthetic relationship we have with our environment. Using gathered materials chosen from the landscape, they explored textures, patterns, smells, sights and sounds, and then choreographed movement from this investigation was developed to create a site-specific, pop-up performance.

The theme of ‘chaos and order’ was explored through mediums of movement, drawing, chalking and threading in outdoor environments and resulted in a site-specific dance performance as part of the Skibbereen Arts Festival 2019.


Attuning: Immersion

...container of mixed material composition. No beginning, no end, underlying openness. Immersion...

This short video was developed by Mairéad Vaughan for Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre's project April2020, 'marking a moment in time spent in isolation.'

Attuning: Immersion was created by hanging a camera in a forest and rock environment, and is a window into the sensorial to realise holisim.

holisim the theory that parts of a whole are in intimate interconnection, such that they cannot exist independently of the whole, or cannot be understood without reference to the whole, which is thus regarded as greater than the sum of its parts


Image: Performer Mairéad Vaughan, photograph by Tomasz Madajczak
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