Orla Shine

Orla Shine, Being Seen

10 May to 7 July 2018.

Studio open to members of the public on Thursdays 14:00-16:00.

Dance Artist Orla Shine returns to the studio after a considerable break from dance due to an injury. This residency offers Orla an opportunity to immerse herself in a creative movement practice that is body focused. In a much broader sense, the residency also provides an environment of support as she considers the direction of her artistic practice.

Seeking to deepen her experience of the moving body and its expressive qualities, Orla will engage in an exploration of somatic movement as a starting point for the creation of dance. A framework for this exploration will be created in order for a continuous and consistent process of discovery to unfold within a structure. Stillness, sensations, impulse, choice, action and a sequence of unravelling movement - tracking these processes is part of the practice. Noticing and remembering, a full engagement and commitment to being present in movement.

“As a performer, I choose to be seen but what does it really mean to be seen and what parts of myself do I choose to show? Is meaning brought to movement only when it is expressed in view of another? I want to reflect on these questions and explore how authentic I can be in the offering of myself as a performer.”

As part of her residency Orla will share her work ‘This is not a Performance, but an Invitation to be Seen’ in October 2018, during the Uillinn Dance Season.

Orla sees this project contributing to her work by deepening her experience of the moving body and by challenging her relationship with an audience. Since 2012, Orla has been a regular performer with British/Belgian theatre company Reckless Sleepers. Performing in their work A String Section, Orla has performed in theatre, arts and dance festivals extensively throughout the UK and Europe. Orla has also performed in the work of Anna Macdonald of Forecast Dance (UK), Irish Modern Dance Theatre (Ire), Vincent Cacialano (UK/USA) and during the 'Step Up' dance project with choreographers Liz Roche (Ire) and John Jasperse (USA).

Orla has a particular interest in the role that dance can play in people’s health and wellbeing. She finds a deep satisfaction as a dance facilitator by contributing to a community's' sense of aliveness and wellness through movement and creativity. Her role as a facilitator has seen her involvement in a variety of projects such as intergenerational projects, dance and health projects, working with people who have varied physical and intellectual needs, creative dance for children, youth dance and contemporary dance for adults.

Orla holds a first class BA (Hons) in Dance from the Manchester Metropolitan University. She attained a prestigious award for academic excellence in the contemporary arts department and received two dance excellence awards for her choreographic works.


WCAC acknowledges the financial support of the Arts Council and Cork County Council in making these residencies possible.

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