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The Museum of Miniature is the creative initiative of collaborating artists Tess Leak and Marie Brett. A pop-up installation housing miniature - world - dioramas made up of hundreds of artworks from different corners of the globe, each ‘fitting in the palm of your hand’.  Since its inauguration in 2012, when 143 artists gifted works from Austria, Hawaii, Germany, Chile, Newfoundland, Ireland, the UK and Australia; the museum has grown in size and proportion and toured unusual bespoke settings including a military base, cable car, people's homes, offices, a gallery and community spaces on 7 West Cork islands.

“ There was a sense of wonder as each space was transformed into a new world”

                                                                                                                            Ann Davoren, Uillinn Director

Museum in Residence

For 2018 Leak/Brett bring the Museum of Miniature to Uillinn, West Cork Art Centre, including a live event, studio exhibition and newly commissioned written responses

Re-writing the Museum 

* In partnership with West Cork Literary Festival, the writers Rachel Andrews, Danielle McLaughlin and Denyse Woods each responded to selected miniatures as inspiration for new work. Their written responses are displayed within the studio exhibition alongside the miniature which inspired them.

* In partnership with Zemwerk a punk-noir theatre company based on Cape Clear Island, playwright Stella Maria Perry has written about the notion of miniature amid a miniature play with theatre cut-outs. A fold-out print of this work has been especially created for the event by illustrator/designer Oisin McGillion Hughes.  

A Live Event  

Leak/Brett invited a multi-disciplinary creative team to work with them to produce this miniature live event. They would like to gratefully acknowledge and thank the following participants:

Readers: Rachel Andrews, Denyse Woods & Máirtín Ó Méalóid.

Musicians: Tess Leak & Susan McManamon.

Cast of the play “The Norwich Pepper Girl”: Mary O Driscoll, Fiona MacLachlan Leah O Donoghue, John Magennis, Rick Dale & Kevin Mc Cann

and crew: Marianne Ross, Danny Stewart & Mike Carswell.

Special Thanks  

Leak/Brett would like to acknowledge and thank the very many individuals and organisations who have supported the Museum of Miniature; from its first outing with Skibbereen Arts Festival, to a six year tour of West Cork Islands, to this years Arts Centre residency. The artists have been met with immense enthusiasm, creative generosity and kindness, and for this they are very grateful.

WCAC acknowledges the financial support of the Arts Council and Cork County Council in making these residencies possible.

Image: Museum of Miniature Photograph by Kevin O'Farrell
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