Tomasz Madajczak

Re-discovering - Drawing
Tomasz Madajzcak (Poland)      
6 May to 5 August, 2019 
This art residency is dedicated to answering the questions 'what is drawing?', 'where does it originate from?', 'how did it evolve?' and 'what has it become in the contemporary world?' All these questions will be addressed and explored over three months through experimental arts practice. Drawing - manifested as intuitive, pictographic, veristic, abstract and conceptual - will be the main focus of the creative explorations of the residency. It will be open to public and anyone is very welcome to join in an art dialogue, questioning our understanding, while looking for the boundaries of the concept of drawing.
Tomasz Madajczak was born in 1979 in Gorzów Wielkopolski in Poland. He studied photography at the Fine Arts Academy in Poznań from 1998 to 2003. He finalized his studies with an MA in the Intermedia Department in the workshop run by Prof Andrzej Syska. Tomasz emigrated to Ireland shortly afterward, where he has been residing and creating ever since. He has exhibited in Poland, Germany, Netherlands, France and Ireland.




Image: Collaborative drawing installation,  Klodzko, Poland, 2000/2001 by Tomasz Madajcazak with Witold Liszkowski and Jerzy Olek




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