Tomasz Madajczak and Paul Green

Tomasz Madajczak and Paul Green
Small Stories

20 March to 17 April 2024

The work of both practitioners is strongly influenced by narrative at a structural and cultural level. In this collaborative project Tomasz Madajczak has worked with the community on Cape Clear as a narrative basis of his video works. Paul Green has an interest in narrative theory as a support for creative practice and has borrowed on folklore from the Muskerry Gaeltacht as a starting point for the development of an interactive system which integrates multimedia, VR, and Generative AI content.  

Both artists have worked together previously on interactive art projects and multimedia for young learners. This residency will be the first time they have collaborated closely on the development of body of work for exhibition and museum display.

Artists Tomasz Madajczak and Dr. Paul Green are going to hold an open studio space to share their work in progress and development of their collaboration. The open studio will be shared between two areas of practice and two spaces of interactive enquiry. Thursday 11 April, the studio will be dedicated to sharing interactive video navigation through stories from Cape Clear. Friday 12 April, Dr. Paul Green is going to share his virtual reality interpretation of stories from the Ballingeary area. Saturday 13 April, will be divided to share both practices. All welcome to visit and experience the artistic process!

The artists wish extend a public invitation to interested individuals, artists, art practitioners, art students and anyone else who would like to get involved in a conversation about: 
Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Cooperation within the Creative Arts Practice

This event is presented as a round table discussion between artists about collaborative art practice and the challenges that it presents along the way. The focus of the discussion will be about developing a methodology for productive co-operation between artist and those operating in other fields such as those related to science and engineering. The artists will introduce their collaborative practice to date but are seeking those within the arts community with experience in collaborative work to join this conversation. The event can be run as a hybrid meeting to facilitate those who wish to join remotely.

The presentation and discussion will take place in Uillinn at 14:00 -15:30 on Saturday the 6 of April.


Images from Studio 3, thanks to Tomasz Madjaczak


WCAC acknowledges the financial support of the Arts Council and Cork County Council in making these residencies possible.

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