Tomasz Madajczak

Tomasz Madajczak
No Space

5 August to 30 September 2020
No booking required but masks must be worn and numbers are limited in the studio.

Whenever I think No Space, it creates an image of a place in my mind, in memory, in the foreseen future. Whenever I try to imagine what it might mean not to be in a physical place, I look around me, at the place where I am. When I think about subtracting I add a thought, a stream of thoughts, a mental space, a concept. There is the negative space, a space with its complementary shapes and forms, a place for the imagination to try to make sense from an absence.

No space
a question
a motion
a feeling
no concept

Friday 14 August - with Micheál O’Connell(UK) 
Tomasz Madajczak and Micheal O'Connell are going to meet in the studio in Uillinn West Cork Art Centre via the internet for a week. Their interactions are questioning the relationship between physical and mental space, and a process of subtraction from an empty space. The conversations which are appearing during their meetings are being recorded and transcribed by a digital algorithm, they will create a margin outside of the entrance to the studio.

Contested place, exposed. No words.
Trapped, filled with fear.

Away but near, isolated, a room, the garden, a space.
Private, secret, hidden, mine.
Relief, safe.... for a time.

Occupied, made of growing and crafting.
Exploring, collecting, learning, thinking, caring,
Mattering… webbing.

Mindful, unseen.
Relating, friending, making, protecting.
Living … ecology…for now.

Safe space, attendant.
Foraging, borrowing, cleaning.
Arranging… nesting.

Saturday 22 August - with Pattie Beerens (Australian)
Tomasz Madajczak will meet with Pattie Beerens by zoom in the studio for a period of a week. Pattie is an Australian artist, ceramist, maker who explores the diversity of suspended installations which are supplemented with pieces of fabric dipped in clay. Eventually the shapes become suspended sculptures created in relation to their environment and circumstances. Tomasz is going to work on a collaborative response in one of the studios in Uillinn West Cork Art Centre.

31 August - 5 September – with Mairead Vaughan
Saturday 5 September  – live stream with Mairead Vaughan
This week visual artist Tomasz Madajczak will collaborate with dance artist Mairéad Vaughan as part of their concurrent residency’s at Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre. Over a period of one week, they will enter into a durational practice examining process of ‘constructing and deconstructing space’ in Studio 3, at Uillinn: WCAC. Engaging with thread, surface, space, video and stone, both artists engage a live dialogue through their respective responses. This durational collaborative practice is open to the public to experience.

24 – 28 August – open studio (artist not present) and dance artist response
7 – 12 September – open studio (artist present) public response
Friday 11 September with Mick O’Shea and Irene Murphy
Disturbed Ground - An art collaboration between Tomasz Madajczak, IreneMurphy and MIck O'Shea. The studio at Uillinn West Cork Art Centre becomes an amplified space. Pieces of rubble from flooded land found their place in the space of the studio, becoming resonating elements. Live streaming performance Saturday the 12th of September at 12pm.​

Friday 18 September – series of film screenings for Culture Night
"Turbogolfing" in collaboration with Micheál O'Connell
“Enuj” in collaboration with Inma Pavon and Mick O’Shea.
“The Breath” an art collaboration with Silke Michels and “The Touch of The Sea” also a collaboration with Silke Michels

Saturday 19 September - with Silke Michels.
Tomasz Madajczak will collaborate with Silke Michels for a duration of a week to explore the meaning of absence and belonging, search and understanding of the environment in relation to the place of origin. The explorations will take form of multimedia exchange and a dialogue recorded by video and sound.
The place we are born from
The place we are born into
Awakening awareness

23 to 26 September - with Zainub Mavaz(Pakistan).


Biography - Tomasz Madajczak

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