Young Dancers in Residence

Hetty Gazzaniga, Ailbhe Quinn & Esmeé O'Brien
Research & Production Residency
Dates in 2024

Hetty Gazzaniga attended Alan Foley Academy of Dance from the age of 4 and Young Dancers at Uillinn she is now a full time dance student at University of Limerick. Ailbhe Quinn attends Alan Foley Academy of Dance at Uillinn. Esmeé O'Brien attends both Alan Foley Academy of Dance and Young Dancers at Uillinn. 

Uillinn Young Dancers in Residence
10, 11 & 14 August 2023

Hetty Gazzaniga and Ailbhe Quinn
Research & Production Residency
8 days each from February to May 2023

Two young dancers who are attending sessions at Uillinn, have each been awarded studio time to develop their dance practice, Hetty Gazzaniga to devise choreography for a 3min contemporary audition peice and Ailbhe Quinn to rehearse for her first ballet solo performance, choreographed by Alan Foley.

Ailbhe Quinn attends Senior Ballet with Alan Foley Academy of Dance here at Uillinn. During her studio time she is rehearsing for her inaugural solo in the 2023 Dance Offering at the Everyman Theatre in Cork, an annual event for all students of Alan Foley Academy of Dance across all four locations. 

To see Ailbhe perform her solo you can go to






Hetty Gazzaniga (she/her) is 18 years old and is in sixth year at Skibbereen Community School, She has been dancing with Alan Foley Academy of Dance since the age of 4, taking up to four classes a week in Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance. Since early teens she has been exploring aerial and contemporary dance with Tara Brandel and more recently with Loosysmokes as part of Uillinn Young Dancers. She has worked with Croi Glan supporting Tanya Turner, dance artists with a disability during ‘Tilt’. Other interests include guitar and visual art.

Hetty is Dance rep with Guerrillunn's since September 2021 and hopes to go on to study contemporary dance in the future.







If you are a young dance artist attending dance at Uillinn, this opportunity to develop your practice is open to you. To submit, please email with an expression of interest. 

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