Shakespeare with a Twist

Shakespeare with a Twist
Exhibition of work by young people at Uillinn
5 June to 13 July 2024
Uillinn Corridor Galleries

Shakespeare with a Twist is a contemporary musical narrative using a collage of William Shakespeare's scripts interpreted in a blend of artforms as the ‘ twist’. 

Initiated by Youth Theatre members and guided by the Guerrillluinn’s (Uillinn’s Young People’s Committee) the project brought together a diverse group of young people with expertise in different art forms to create a performative installation that reflects the lives and concerns of young people in contemporary Ireland to
“Say with ART what Cannot be Said with Words”

Drawing largely from Shakespears’ ‘Seven Ages of Man’ the collaborative performance based artwork was written, choreographed and performed by young people attending Rusty Frog Youth Theatre, Young Dancers and Draw Mind Matters at Uillinn, with music and direction from local singer songwriter, Liz Clark working with Uillinn Project Assistant Sylwia Migdal and artform facilitators Tomasz Madajczak, Elaine McCague, Inma Pavon. 

Outcomes of this ambitious project were shared through a live performance at Uillinn on Friday 29 March 2024. This exhibition includes a series of large form drawings, sculptures and a video documenting the live performance.

Script written by  Emily Brennan and Chloe Grant. Artwork and set design by Michelle Chen, Eddie Low, Lily O’Donovan, Clodagh O’Driscoll, Louise Schlotterbeck, Maria Schlotterbeck,  Saoirse Wygers.  Supported by Guerrilluillumni:  Pádraig Harrington, Mich Maguire.

Supporting partners of our Young People’s Programming at Uillinn

'Shakespeare with a Twist' 
Film edited by Tomasz Madajczak
Duration 25mins

Featuring Cast 

Emily Brennan…..RFYT  
Robyn Conway…..RFYT  
Mimi Dahm…..YD  
Chloe Grant…..RFYT  
Shannon Harte…..RFYT  
Eddie Low…..RFYT & DMM  
Lucija Kluźniak Madajczak…..YD  
Coco Massey…..YD  
Simran Mishra…..RFYT  
Aoife McCarthy…..RFYT  
Louise Schlotterbeck…..YD & DMM  
Maria Schlotterbeck…..YD & DMM  
Niamh Wygers…..YD  
Saoirse Wygers…..DMM 

Art Work and Set Design  

Michelle Chen…..DMM 
Eddie Low…..RFYT & DMM  
Lily O’Donovan…..DMM  
Clodagh O’Driscoll…..DMM  
Louise Schlotterbeck…..YD & DMM  
Maria Schlotterbeck…..YD & DMM  
Saoirse Wygers…..DMM  

Script writers  

Emily Brennan and Chloe Grant.

RFYT (Rusty Frog Youth Theatre) DMM (Draw Mind Matters) Young Dancers (Young Dancers) For more on each of these programmes go to


WCAC acknowledges the financial support of Arts Council Ireland and Cork County Council in making these exhibitions possible.


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